We are all friends in a way.

My name is swami anand TAZA, I love Osho and NING and all my beautiful friends and fellow travellers.
For this reason I have opened with urgency, a google group to whomever wants to simply CONTINUE relating with other NING fellows.

As far as I have heard rumours, maybe we will not be able for free to continue relating.

I ain't a depressive person, not at all. I love Stephanie, Bill, Ilona and many people here, Imelda... many people, Joni... So if they want to close NING or to ask for a lot of money for that, for us to be here, before a bad surprise could happen, I have oppened a group callr BING.
I called this group "BING - another name for love".
The address is
http://groups.google.com/group/bing000 (three number zeros).
The Enmail address is:

bing000@googlegroups.com (number zeros...).

Maybe some people want to continue relating, as Teri, Ilona, all people here, madeleine, Rosemary, David, so on, many people. Nop need to rol them...
I wish you the best and wish we just make something instead of being depressed or something.
anand TAZA

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Comment by TAZA on April 17, 2010 at 3:01am
In FACEBOOK look for search for:
a group in my place taza45@gmail.com

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