Nourishing Your Inner Garden
Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ September 14 – 21, 2014
Received by Julie Miller
September 14, 2014


Men and women alike, both enjoy a stroll through a beautifully maintained garden, one that is rich in colour. There are gardens all over the world that are breathtaking give you a feeling of tranquility and serenity. Have you ever walked down an unknown path that led to a secret garden or one that wasn’t expected to be there? When they are discovered, the intake of breaths is priceless, a feeling of wonder fills these adventurous dear souls as they walk into a place that looks as if it’s been there forever yet is maintained by its own beauty and grace.


Have you ever considered that within the chest cavity of the temple of your body is a garden waiting for you to discover, one that you are holding all the seeds needed to be cultivated, where seeds of pure joy, love and compassion are planted, where one sprouts forgiveness and gratitude? Such a place does exist dear ones, and each of you have your own garden that is being cultivated by your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. Have you met your own secret garden yet? If you have are their weeds of discord still needed to be cut away? Are there thorns of egoic notions poking holes in your spiritual or personal development? Is the love that is pure and unconditional growing a rainbow of delicate flowers, delectable fruit, a canopy of luscious trees, and heavenly scented herbs? Your inner garden dear ones is symbolic of your inner self and how much time you have spent cultivating and creating this divine and essential aspect of your Self.


Your own inner secret garden is a space that offers healing, a place that allows you to find peace and calm so it can filter into your own mindset so the rest of your Self is brought to a place of serenity and loving, compassionate composure. How does one find their secret garden? The more you work on developing and maturing your inner and outer self, the more blooms and growth your inner garden will receive. To see your inner garden you must be able to envision this beautiful place that grows or shrinks depending on what your thoughts, actions and feelings are. Imagine what would grow if all your thoughts were love-filled, then compare those with thoughts filled with dis-ease. As you, yourself grows and develops, you move from one learning experience to the other, how does all your movement effect your inner garden? When you progress, does your advancement enhance your garden, if you regress or become stagnant, even a little how will this alter your inner garden?


Of course we are speaking metaphorically, but for some dear souls seeing their inner self as an inner garden that grows, blossoms and develops depending on how they have cultivated a relationship with their own inner self provides a better learning tool or way of developing their inner self. The more you come to know your authentic, pure self, the more vibrant energy you create and this energy is never wasted. This creative, vibrant energy helps to blossom your own life, and its current direction. It shows you what needs to be let go, in order to make room for new and to bring balance into all areas of life. Even though your life is busy and you have many temptations to overcome, doesn’t mean your life is meant to be filled with one drama after another. You do have a choice to cultivate a life that is simpler, filled with love and peace at every step. You can bring that inner garden into all things that you are part of.


When you are responding or reacting in a non-loving manner, the less vibrant you become. At those moments you can fill your thoughts with blossoms that are bright, that bring joy and peace. You can see what clutters your over-thought mind and weed out what is not necessary. Allow your good, loving thoughts be the bright beautiful flowers, that are lovely and fragrant. As you change your thoughts, feelings and actions you also change what is growing in your inner garden…the brighter and more positive you become, the brighter and more flourishing your inner garden becomes.


As you begin to cultivate your inner garden, contemplate on the design of your inner landscape. Determine what you need to transform what you have learned into wisdom, how this wisdom can change your inner garden to a place of bliss, a place to come when you need deep healing and rejuvenation. The more you become acquainted with your inner self, the more are able to grow and create in your inner garden as it is a part of you. Your inner voice or intuition that often tries to get your attention will guide you through your dreams, deep meditation experiences, possibly through symbolic means and feelings of synchronicity. When you pay attention to your inner voice, which is your inner gardener, the one that helps make your garden grow, she’ll continue to guide you and alert you when you are needed to be cautious. Become respectful of this great inner guide, this part of you that often gets ignored and overlooked.


Get to know your inner voice, allow yourself to become acquainted with the wisdom that this inner gardener has always had to offer. Remember your controlling mind will want to control your actions, but the serene and wise inner voice, the inner gardener of your inner self will encourage you to quiet so you can hone in on the stirrings of your heart and spirit so you may become aligned with the deepest part of yourself. Your beautiful and always creating inner self and voice will try to alert you about other people, you may get a strange feeling of dread wash over you, a sudden chill of discontent…this is your inner gardener, your inner voice encouraging you to stop and to pay attention. Sometimes she will come to you in dreams or visions, giving you vivid dreams and images of warning and of how to move away from the warning and to continue to progress forward. What is the hardest dear ones is deciphering the dreams as they can take on many meanings.


To plant the best inner garden dear ones we suggest you begin with planting seeds of unconditional love, compassion and peace. By intentionally planting such seeds, you are providing yourself with the ability to continuously nourish them, to cultivate them on a daily basis through your own actions, thoughts and feelings. Pay more attention to what is going on inside that busy mind of yours. Question your thoughts. Are your thoughts kind, helpful and loving as you mingle with others or when you are by yourself? As you are planting seeds in your inner garden we offer a few planting suggestions: Consider planting seeds of creativity, respect, bravery, appreciation, and any other seeds that flourish under love’s care.


The landscape of your inner garden can be filled with beauty and symbols that reflect your heart-filled wisdom, and your divine aspect and calling. Learn to quiet the overload of mental chatter so inspiration can enter your thoughts. Meditation and dreaming allows your mind to relax so you can be guided by the inspirations of your inner self. Learn to attune to the highest of energy and vibration and work within those levels, become the master of your own inner garden and allow your inner garden to bring bliss into all areas of your life.


As your inner garden grows and develops, continue working at maintaining a relationship and connection with the gardener of your inner garden, your intuition or inner voice. She is there to guide you, and to show you the direction of your heart. Learning to listen and to act upon her guidance is the biggest challenge for many dear souls as they are still struggling to lose the grip of their controlling mind that has been filling them with egoic thoughts and ways for a long time. Remember dear ones, your intuition is a gift from God, it is there in each of you. It is the part of you that carries the spark of wisdom of your Divine, Glorious Self. When you get certain warnings or feelings it is important to pay attention to them as your inner voice or intuition is trying to tell you something. Your inner gardener also provides you with all the information you need to make the best choice for any decision. Becoming more aligned with this divine aspect of your deeper self also deepens your connection with all of your inner space, with your inner self and of your inner gardener.


Because of the high’s and low’s life brings you, it is vitally important to remain grounded as often as possible. It can be easy to become un-grounded as you converse and mingle with many diverse personalities. Life can be messy and hard, you know this because you have survived many hardships already. Remember to weed out the parts that are done and over. Every weed you remove, gives room for something beautiful to grow, something that comes from unconditional love for yourself and for the world you live in.


Whenever possible, take your shoes off and feel the grass, dirt or sand beneath your feet…allow nature to heal you from her garden even if that garden is just a patch of grass. Harmony can be realized and reclaimed as you continue to work on your inner self, aligning with the nature of who you are and with the natural beauty of the living world around you through long walks and time in solitude that allows you to contemplate, to think, to put things in their place; where one figures out what needs to be weeded out and what needs more attention.


Your inner garden is your inner sanctuary. How it develops all depends on you. But we can see all the good you can bring into the world, just by changing your thoughts, when you change your thoughts, your feelings change and when your feelings change then your actions change and as you can see you create a domino effect of positive change that is also contributing to your inner garden that is beautiful, bright with light of love.


I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller

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