I Find ít very hard to face the fact that this world is a very twisted one.
Peoples priorities are no longer family,love, friendship, helping one and another instead its most about work,money,fame and wanting to be admired not for what you do instead of what you have.

I think its only in this world you can find that an actress and actors, singers, athletes and so on are more respected then teachers, doctors, nurses, construction builders, plumbers and community workers etc.
Why should they get 10 00000 dollars for a movie when the man/woman that is educating your children and preparing them for the time ahead is not even getting 5% of that a year!
And even more so HOw can people take this money and spend it on mansions ,cars, jewelery when people are dying everyday becaues of poverty!
Imagine that european football players get up to 250 000000 a year for playing soccer!
You dont even need that kind of money in your life time..
Does not that make you a little sick?
People are dyíng everyday and you think that its important that you have your diamonds around your neck?¨
That I can say makes me physically sick!

Are these people in any way more worthy and do we as the people that hand out this kind of fortune to these people think its fair?

Is it not more admiring if someone helps in the community, gives when she/he does not have to give, helps its family, take care of the sick and old, sings to unite, writes to inspire and loves to love and work for a better world??
These are actions that should be embraced and admired not if you are born with the right name or have the best clothing or the nicest house and car.

Whe need to look within ourselves and see if this is the world we want our children to grow up in.
And realy look at the people we have become.
We dont need to consume we only need to love one another to feel happy and content,

Why do we think that mankind is always in war, feeling depressed, unhappy, unsure, hatred, greed etc?
Beacuse we as a people are not doing what we are intentioned to do!
Something has gone very wrong and it's not ok.

We need to Give and encourage Giving! We need to Act and encourage Acting!
We need to Love and encourage Loving!

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Comment by Brice Pascal ABBEY on August 15, 2009 at 2:34am
my greetings to you my dear ipeace sista. i have been wrong not to have read your earlier your blogs. I am very touched by the subject "only on this world" I consider you as a dreadroots in your heart.
big respect, ipeace and ilove
Comment by The Truth on April 21, 2009 at 11:21am
Thank you Stephanie for your comment! This I know, and I can understand there situation. The society is buildt on money and and if you loose your wealth some people feel they loose their identity and respect...And you are always afraid of loosing it.. So they are living trapped by fear.. That I think is very sad..
Comment by Stephanie on April 20, 2009 at 7:08pm
VEry well said...normally people who make money are on a treadmill, they have to keep things going to keep making the money. They themselves feel trapped, and even say so.
Good thoughts and thanks for sharing them.

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