so as my first blog entry on this beautiful connective site.... I felt inspired to write about my experience this morning. I am currently a live in nanny for a woman named Carla. She has been having major disturbing issues with her child's father in regards to custody and emotional abuse.... and the likes. Today I came to accompany Carla in her ordeal with the court, I came to be a comfort and support... but alas I wasn't even allowed in the court room. Instead I sat outside in the hallway. I always find interest in sitting and observing people in public places, especially state places where I am in contact with people from all races, all classes, everything. (where usually 90% of the time I am surrounded by white people who tend to agree with the same stuff I do... ) Whenever I am in a situation where I notice people very glum, gloomy, and everyone looks down an depressed... it makes me automatically want to radiate more light. So here I was sitting on the bench. Focusing on my heart and smiling admist normal chaotic lives, lifestyles, the mess of the unjust justice systym...... The chances we have everyday to go deeper within... what a blessing!

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Comment by Lynn Shedler on February 20, 2009 at 5:45am
Yes, Norianna, Court is the place to go to see all the depressed and sad, etc.,
people! But you have no idea why they are their to go before the judge? There could be a million reasons from "Drinking and Driving" - to being a "child molester"!!! But the sadness does not justify the cause. I'm supprised you were
not allowed to go inside with Carla - it's FAMILY COURT. In CANADA you can - but
in other countries perhaps not! Observing people is what I do if I am waiting for someone. I've learned alot about people over the years Just by doing that!
And overhearing a conversation between Lawyers is very interesting as well....
Think about this: Anyone of us could get caught in a 'situation' where we are
innocent - and no one believes us!!! And we find ourselves going through the
"Unjust Justice System".... Not a very pleasant situation to be in, for sure.
So, you are right about "The chances we have everyday to go deeper within could
be to Win or Lose!! Thank you!! LYNN

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