Phoenix woman eyes flashed a splendor, from the days at the hands HJHG0905gfd Lianqiao of Excalibur, nodded and said: "Be it read the ice, I know your heart has doubts woolrich coats, wondering why such a young age I can achieve so powerful. However, I hope you do not ask, you just need to know, I did not mean anything to you enough when zhengyang knife produced, and is also the closing date of our fate. to time, you will leave the ice city, Similarly, I will leave this gray iron shop. " Read the ice looked surprised Phoenix woman, when I first met women from Phoenix, he noticed that a trace of a Phoenix woman who mysterious atmosphere, but hiding a deep mystery wire, he also does not want to get to the bottom, at least he believes that Phoenix is female child this identity and wrong, otherwise she could not willing to help themselves inlaid stone flame of God, but now it seems, things are probably even more complicated than he imagined. Phoenix mystery woman who's absolutely a lot, especially her age is completely incompatible with this one powerful martial art. The number of homes on the mainland resorting to violence, although not as pitiful as Slayers, but never more than one thousand people in each country resorting to violence at home, are the royal effort to draw the object, for decades, the five Empire even though it can live in peace, But secretly battle but never stopped, and that the most important battle on the performance on two levels, one is a competition between Warrior, another woolrich, naturally it is the contest between the magician. While these are unofficial held, but the first test of the whole continent martial art contest, as well as the magic of the first continent-wide competition is a test of any country can not be underestimated, as long as the excellent results achieved in the game, and even the whole country as a whole strength will be recognized by other countries, which the enemy without fighting the soldiers of the game, obviously would like to see all countries. In mainland recorded, the youngest of resorting to violence at home, age is also more than thirty-five, while Phoenix woman read the ice age and almost, if spread out, there have been resorting to violence at home she was so young, in the whole continent will set off a wave.
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