Here we are
between renaissance and oblivion
feeling the pendulum swing
set in motion by many forces
and we are both great and small.
We can say into the wind:
Earth can you hear us? God
can you hear? O!
can we hear one another calling, even
hear one another weeping at midnight, crying
into the advent of dawn?

If there are truly
enough of us speaking, enough of
us listening—broken open and listening—enough
joined in the mending hoop
and the circle of healing which
is Earth’s portion of creation
then if we initiate and are
poetic and feel one another as the
true critical mass of the times, praying
sharing—becoming beautiful—it is
possible we will be heard, we
will be felt as goddess ecstasy
by Earth, by
God, by
generations past, present, future
and rebirthing will begin to happen.

as a way of peace
as living balance.

It is possible because…
because, after all
we are great and small
and we stand, as grains of sand and
as dreaming mountains
in the balance of choices. What
more is there to say?
Words are seeds in the wind.
Go out now, child
fall in love with the place where
your footsteps are lightest, your
soul most fertile:
where you are an imitation of
the seraphim having intercourse
with fire. Fire!

David Sparenberg
10 May 2011

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