Sometimes, enthusiasm can get builders into trouble if they don’t think about the consequences. Overnailing, for example, is a common mistake. One deck nail or screw per bearing is fine for redwood 2x4 and 2x6 decking. Drive the deck nail or screw flush with the deck surface; do not countersink. Redwood shrinks less than most wood, but unseasoned redwood will shrink as the internal moisture evaporates.outdoor floor material If it is held down with too many nails, decking may split when it shrinks.
Trapped moisture is another potential troublemaker to consider. Wood decay is caused by alternate moist and dry conditions. Consequently, the areas that trap moisture are the most critical.[url=]WPC Outdoor decking Floor[/url] For example, the places where posts meet footings, or ledgers are attached to the house are moisture-problem areas. These components should be all-heartwood redwood and they should be pre-finished with a water repellent preservative solution. Decking, because it is quick draining, will not be as critical,outdoor wall paneling boards but remember to leave about a 3/16-inch space between deckboards for drainage.outdoor wall paneling boards You can use 16- penny nails as spacers and they are usually the handiest measuring tool when you are applying the decking.
The Finishing Touch
There are many details that can help turn a plain deck into an “aaaahh” deck. Some finishing touches, like stairs and railings, may be absolutely necessary while others, like benches and planters, are simply a matter of taste and style. As you are working, you’ll notice other little things you can do that will make the deck “just right.” For example, a fascia board around the edge of the decking will give it a more finished look. Chamfered or roundover edges can soften the appearance of the deck board ends and edges.types of outdoor flooring in Thailand Or maybe you’d like to use mitered corners for your railing. Or add built-in shelves or cabinets.

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