The fool is the first card in the major arcana of the tarot deck.

It means a leap of faith is required into the unknown and a decision required to start a new life phase.

Each part of life has a beginning, a middle, and ending. The tarot card represented by the fool shows the beginning of a new chapter.

If you look at the fool tarot card you see a young man lightly dressed in a colorful robe. He carries a knapsack and a flower in his hand. There is a small dog standing to his left, his little dog’s head also raised looking towards the sky.

The beginning of every new journey for example a new career, a romantic love, or the birth of a child is symbolized by the wonder at the newness of it all.

There is a fresh outlook because the new experience is exciting and different, and although the fool as shown in the tarot knows not what is in the future there is a youthful optimism and expectation.

In zen buddhism when you first learn to meditate the teacher explains to his students to approach meditation with fresh eyes of a beginner’s mind. This is the teacher’s advice to his students regardless of how much meditation practice they had in the past.

We can learn from this positive attitude. The beginner’s mind allows you to experience new things with a cognition ready to receive. It increases awareness and you see new light.

The edge of the cliff in the fool tarot card is a symbolic representation of a leap into the unknown, for although the fool has high spirits he has no idea what triumphs or tribulations lay in front of him.

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