Staying Calm, Cool and Collected
Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ April 13, 2014

Received by Julie Miller
April 13, 2014



Probably every person knows at least one or two people that are really good listeners. Regardless of the situation you may be facing, these dear souls always seem to know exactly what to say and they speak in tones that don’t offend or create further upset. They are genuinely caring, considerate and warm. Even if they can’t help you find a solution to your current dilemma, you always feel more optimistic and hopeful just from being with them and from receiving comfort from them.


In addition, we are also positive that you have met along your travels, individuals that have mastered the management of their emotions. They are calm, cool and collected in stressful situations. These dear souls have the honed ability to decipher a problem calmly. What is wonderful about these dear souls is that regardless of what their strengths may be, they are most of the time willing to honestly and truthfully look at themselves. They are not prone to upset when they are criticized and they always know what is needed to improve their own performance and actions.


The kind of people we have recently spoken about clearly indicates they have a substantially higher degree of emotional awareness and emotional intelligence. They do know themselves well, while at the same time they are able sense the disturbance of emotions in others. Have you ever wished your emotions were more stable and better managed? Have you ever wanted to be more empathetic and a better listener? Emotional awareness and emotional intelligence is an important aspect to not only your professional life but greatly impacts your personal life.


If we put aside all the competitiveness, all the pushing and shoving, the judging and criticism and seriously contemplate some truthfulness, you will agree that every dear soul on this planet is different. Each of you come with different characteristics, beliefs, needs, wants; and each of you has different and unique ways of expressing your emotions. Learning to work your way through all the differences requires a great use of tact and ingenuity—especially if you want to achieve a fruitful life. Learning to be more emotionally aware and emotionally intelligent will become an important part of daily practice and will be imbedded into any action steps you have created that are designed to lead you accomplishing any goal.


It is vital to comprehend dear ones that emotional awareness is not only being aware of other people’s emotions, it’s also being able to recognize your own and to understand what they are trying to tell you and to grasp the effect of how your emotions affect the people around you. Having emotional awareness and emotional intelligence will also include your perception of others—when you are able to understand how they are feeling; you are able to accomplish better relationships and connections much more effectively.


If you think about the people you know that are emotionally sound and aware, you will be able to conclude that they are usually quite successful in many of the things that they do. If these people need something they usually get the help they need because in their asking they are able to make the ones they are asking feel good. Even when these emotionally aware and emotionally intelligent people go through the twists and turns of life, they are able to manoeuvre much more easily than others who tend to become angry or upset. 


There are a few things that clearly define the people that are emotionally aware and emotionally intelligent and these characteristics are areas that each dear soul has the capability of improving on themselves. Self-awareness plays an important role to those that are emotionally secure. They already understand their emotions and as a result they don’t allow their emotions or feelings to control them. They are confident with their intuition and always manage their emotions with great skill and efficiency. Someone who is self-aware is able to honestly look at themselves and admit their strengths as well as their weaknesses. And through the weaknesses they are able to find ways to make them better. Self-awareness is one of the key components to becoming more emotionally aware and emotionally intelligent.


Part of self-awareness is learning how to manage your emotions, how to regulate your impulses. Self-regulation provides you with the skill to not becoming easily upset, to remain cool under pressure, to not become jealous or angry. They don’t make impulsive decisions because they always think first. One of the notable traits of these dear souls is their thoughtfulness and their ability to give comfort with tact and still say no without causing further hurt.


You may have noticed the dear souls that demonstrate emotional awareness and emotional intelligence are highly motivated. They are very productive and enjoy a good challenge—they thrive when things are hot and chaotic. Empathy is a crucial part of emotional awareness and emotional intelligence. Empathy is something that not everyone has but it is something that each person can develop. Being empathetic is being able to identify and understand the needs, wants, and perspectives of the people around you. The dear souls that are truly empathetic can quickly recognize the feelings of others, even if those feelings are not necessarily obvious—they seem to have an inner sense to emotional energy. Those that are empathetic are great listeners and are able to manage connections and relationships with great success. They are not easily drawn into gossip and refrain from judging too fast. People that are empathetic tend to live very open, simple and honest lives.


Being able to communicate with others verbally is an important aspect to everyday living. Social skills not only affects your professional life, but also affects your personal life. Those with strong social skills, the ones that get along with everyone demonstrate great levels of emotional awareness and intelligence. They are great at helping others to finish their tasks with brilliance instead of being self-absorbed and only thinking of their own success. Being able to communicate effectively enables you to manage disagreements and help to forge and maintain connections with diverse people.


You may have figured out by now dear ones that emotional awareness and intelligence are important keys if you wish to bring success into your life. These are areas that can be learned and further developed. It is essential to understand your Self better, to be more observant of how you react to other people, regardless what class they are part of. Think dear ones, do you tend to assume you know all the facts; do you tend to judge or stereotype? Be honest with what you observe of yourself when you interact and communicate with others. Then try to put yourself in their shoes. As you are watching, observing and trying to see things from their viewpoint, also try to be more open and accepting of what their own unique needs are. Just because their needs may differ from yours doesn’t mean they are less worthy or less important.


Now take a look at home and work life. Do you tend to need approval, attention or supervision in order to reach accomplishments? Are you intuitive enough to work on your own? Having an unassuming nature is an endearing quality and by no means does this mean you lack confidence, it only means that you are quietly confident and know who you are and what is expected of you and what is needed. Those that are unassuming purposely make room for others to shine; they do not fret about the need for praise, as they are already confident but are humble in their display.


It is important occasionally to evaluate yourself. Determine your weaknesses, areas you tend to overlook or have erred. From what you discover, are you able to live with them or are you willing to improve areas that have lacked your attention? To look at yourself honestly and truthfully requires courage, but will also provide you with information for great positive changes that will affect every area of your life. Determine your reactions to stressful situations and events. Do you tend to become easily angered or do you manage to remain calm under pressure? Do you tend to blame others when things don’t go your way, or are you able to accept responsibility? Being able to control your emotions is highly valued at the work place, but it is also valuable when dealing with family crisis.


Remember dear ones you are responsible for your words, thoughts, feelings, actions and choices along this journey. Anyone can pass blame, but it doesn’t take away responsibility. It is important to be accountable for any hurt you have caused…to be able to take responsibility if you have hurt someone’s feelings by being able to apologize right away, but meaningfully. By not ignoring the hurt that you have done, you will find forgiveness is quickly given. Before you act, think of the impact your decision will make on those around you. Determine if this decision is good for them too. Also think if you were the receiver of this decision, how would this decision make you feel. Sometimes when you have no conclusive answer, it might be best to hold off your decision until you have spoken with the ones who would be affected by your choice.


Emotional awareness and emotional intelligence when working together demonstrates your actions and feelings—knowing inherently how they may affect those around you. It also means you highly value others as being essential and worthy; you are willing to listen and understand from listening what their fundamental needs and wants are. Becoming more emotionally aware and emotionally intelligent helps maintain connections with others and improves all relationships. It can help forge new friendships and salvage any that are on thin ice. It is never too late to adopt a new way of working and dealing with people. All it takes is a little heart and effort and we know you have this and more to give.


I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller 

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