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The Vibrancy of Joy
Message from Master, Paul the Venetian

Received by Julie Miller
April 12, 2014



Sometimes beautiful Children of God, while you are working away at a goal that has long term advantage you find it difficult to maintain focused and concentrated due to the many distractions that cross your path and from the many roles you agree to play. When your focus is thinned or spread into too many places it becomes much more difficult to remain motivated and positive. Many times the projects and tasks that you began with passion became shoved into the background.


With so many distractions knocking at your door each day, maintaining enthusiasm while going through the necessary steps to complete those long or short term goals and finding joy along the way is more than possible. One of the first things that needs to be addressed is learning to value simplicity. The more you simplify your life, the less distracted you’ll be. What this entails is that you are to unclutter your mind, and bring simplicity to your physical, mental and emotional health. We understand that some things that you do in your job profession requires timeliness, but when there is no dead-line to meet slow down the need to rush to other situations. The more you rush the less likely you will feel any sort of accomplishment.


Learn to observe your thought formations and actions. Determine if you often find yourself doing something yet thinking about doing something else at the same time. Joy eludes you when you are unable to focus on one thing at a time…your mind is too busy. Taking the time to be in the moment, even within the most mundane of activities can really be enjoyable when you are able to remain centered in the experience that task or project is providing you with. It is the simple activities dear ones that will bring you joy while living in a world that is over stimulated and oftentimes chaotic.


You probably have heard more than once that it is the little things that need to be savoured. The next time you sit with your cup of tea, coffee or any other beverage you enjoy and enjoy its texture, its flavour…learn to pick up on the sensations enjoying this beverage gives you instead of always gulping your tea, coffee or food. Allow yourself simple pleasures of life. Remember dear ones; smells and taste are deeply connected to the pleasure center in your brain. The more you learn to savour what you are putting into your body, the less you will consume because you are enjoying the pleasure from the experience more. Joy is not a difficult thing to reach, it is only when you permit life to become complicated and lose focus allowing joy to become elusive.


Spicing up your routine adds variety and it could be as simple as taking a different route to work, or reading from a different genre of book, maybe learning to make pottery or something else that is creative and hands-on. Instead of always turning on your televisions or going on the computer or your other technical devices after you have consumed your dinner another alternative is going for a walk and enjoying the night air and watching the sky change colour, seeing the birds soar and flutter in the trees and sky. There is so much that you have put aside to do another time, well how about making time right now for some of those things. Don’t fear changing your routine, embrace the new as it can very well lead you to uncovering joy in the sometimes the most unlikely of places. Let the joy of doing something new and different be a wonderful surprise.


Just think dear Beautiful Children of God, if all you ever did, day in and day out was work and diligently be at all your obligations; you will soon come to understand and realize that discovering joy in your daily life could become a very difficult challenge. Purposely make time dear ones to do the things you love. It is essential to your own well-being to take care of you, what you like, what you are excited about. We don’t want you to resent life, we want you to enjoy life, love all that is in your life. It is so important dear ones to find the time, even a few precious minutes to do things that you truly enjoy.


When finding time to do the things you love, you will quickly comprehend that there are some commitments that you can easily let go. You learn the importance of prioritizing. It is vital to your total self to minimize the things that can easily consume most of your time and energy that doesn’t provide any real satisfaction. Of course there are some things that you must attend to, but if you look at all you do each and every day truthfully and honestly you will quickly determine which obligations that no longer carry any positive benefits can be let go or changed that will free up time to do things that brings enjoyment and pleasure into your life.


Through all the chaos and temptations that you must deal with and work through, it is essential to train yourself to focus on what really matters. We know how much you enjoy the many social media networks and places you are joined to but think dear ones are they all really necessary, or are they a source of distraction? There are many dear souls that turn towards social media networks as a way of dealing with life. Sure there are great things to be found from such social networks and other media sources, but it is up to you to analyze the amount of time that necessary for each visit. Visiting social media networks may appear to be productive, but they can become a huge distraction from doing the things you love and enjoy.


Any time you demonstrate kindness towards others, you are also participating in acts of generosity. From a simple smile to a stranger walking by, listening when someone is talking, being respectful and other beautiful and simple ways don’t cost anything, but they do provide added joy and pleasure just from giving a little piece of yourself to those around you. Take a look at your life and be grateful for all that you have. Try not to get yourself caught up in selfish pursuits or comparing yourself with others. No matter where they are on their journey is where they are meant to be and the challenges they had to face are theirs just as the challenges you had to face are yours. You are not meant to have the exact same life, journey and experiences. Count your blessings each and every day. Even when you are struggling through a difficult moment, remind yourself you have a lot to be grateful for and things could always be worse and there is someone out there experiencing far worse situations. Embrace the difficulties with optimism, see the colours and vibrancy they bring into your life, learn all you can and let joy become an active part of each step and each day. Joy doesn’t have to be elusive.


Do you already have ways and methods that bring more joy into your life? If you do, are there other newer ways that could enhance those ways and methods? There will always be a storm or two to enter your life; some will be bigger than others. But remember dear ones, the clouds cannot hide your inner sun forever…eventually joy does break through and shines wherever you walk. Joy is found in your relationships, in nature, in your family, in spontaneity, funny things, and even in food. When you come to joy, you are able to discern between what gives you pleasure to what brings you joy by scrutinizing their connections joined with time. Remember beautiful Children of God that pleasures are always time-bound and don’t stay long, whereas joy exceeds all boundaries. Also keep in mind the things that bring you pleasure also bring you its opposite, where joy has no opposite.


On this continually winding and changing path, you will discover true joy and this joy can saturate every aspect of your life that creates a natural buoyancy of happiness. Finding such joy takes time and effort from great focus on the development of your inner self. But when you are in motion with the external world, joy may come in flashes. But the more you relinquish your fears of the unknown of every moment of pleasure that enters your life, learning to appreciate each one as they come will in time quiet your need to search for pleasure because you have learned to transform that pleasure into everlasting joy. Even while you are going through pain, joy can remain, as the source of joy is able to work through any materialistic pleasure.


Don’t forget Beautiful Children of God, it is the simple things from the most ordinary of moments that will reveal the most joy. As your ability to remain in the now moment increases, the veil of your perception grows thin and eventually dissolves completely as you mature in heart and soul. Prayer and meditation by many dear souls are considered to be joyless practices, but they are entry points for joy…it is through them that the vibration of joy is able to weave through the many areas of your life. Even if you are only able to give a small portion of your time to prayer or meditation, that small portion of time is transformative, healing and brings joy to your total self. You are able to loosen your Egoic bonds and widen your environment of spontaneous joy in everything you do from work, home, friends, nature…anything and everything because joy has the ability of touching all that you are a part of.


I AM Ascended Master, Paul the Venetian through Julie Miller 

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