Currently, the market is not difficult to see on the floor, "Canadian maple", "Burma Teak", "European ash", and some are imported from Germany, the slogan from Europe. As with the "European standard practice," the impact of the introduction of E0 class standards, many consumers are more concerned about environmental indicators to strengthen the floor, so the floor from Europe more favored by consumers. Germany also won the hearts of exquisite floor, in this case, naturally bring a German word has become eye-catching logo. However, the recent correspondent visited the market found that some salespeople claim that "import floor" but not across the sea, but is typical of local production. "European ash" was originally a Chinese Ash The sales staff explained that the ash produced in Europe only factory in Guangdong.

This situation not only in this one, and some sales staff even claimed that "China's solid wood, wood flooring are all imported." According to German family floor responsible person, Ash is China's ash, not What European descent. Although much is the introduction of solid wood flooring wood species, wood flooring epidermal origin may be imported through import channels, but the intermediate Strength and Beauty Engineered Wood Flooring | 7Trust layer may be made in China, fast-growing forest or MDF. Many will be put on the timber label sales are from Europe or the more well known origin, and for consumers, it is very difficult to textual research. "Imported", "German technology" difficult to distinguish except wood origin advertised themselves as "import board" outside, "imported", "German technology" so that consumers are also often been fooled. After the E0 class standards been promoted, many consumers of laminate flooring with a certain awareness of environmental protection requirements increase. As businesses hype E0 class standards to meet or exceed the European standard level, many consumers believe that the European laminate flooring is more environmentally friendly. A building materials market in a so-called laminate flooring from Austria was sold to 110 yuan, while its owner is recommended to produce only a reporter all the instructions are in English.

European imported in the country to do more well-known brand flooring Swiss Lucerne, will the United States, was higher, these brands of laminate flooring prices than ordinary laminate flooring almost 1-2 times higher. Lucerne in Switzerland, shop floor sales staff initiative for reporters to produce the relevant qualifications and declarations, showing each floor are from Switzerland. In addition, the German technology has been a major reason to attract consumers, the reporter to incomplete statistics, now in Beijing's court and be able to see imported from Germany, the German Technical concerned about the following several brands: Acer resistance, the EU Code, Golden Eagle Iger, butterflies, too high, Auman, the European people, Oulang, particularly good and so on. The survey by Reporters interviewed found, in part, flown in from Germany, part of a German production line, more or less always people find a Wood Flooring For Outdoor Porch,High Quality Composition Wood Porch... little shadow associated with Germany. One concept linked to "foreign name" Consumers do not buy it for hanging "foreign name" the practice of substituting one concept, consumers do not buy it. Preparing the decoration store Zhang told reporters:. "The current market price is the last word," he said, in the premises of floor coverings may be more to stand the test of cheap floor is the right choice . Mr. Zhang also told reporters produced a variety of floor brochures own collection, many of them "imported floor." In the end, Mr. Zhang chose a Beijing factory production floor, on the grounds that "run the temple monks stand."

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