stressed that "personality", and "custom" concept is no

stressed that "personality", and "custom" concept is no longer confined to traditional areas of dress suit, but extends to all aspects of sports fashion, previously air jordan 3  considered "high-tech" and "custom shoes "is becoming fashionable sports industry a new direction. However, this new direction could eventually evolve into a hot trend sneaker brand it? For these sneakers brand, to follow the trend, it should be where to start? Perhaps an attempt to customize the network. For young consumers demand side of the red, while green, red and bright stark contrast, Manhattan Group Vice President Chen Ping   air jordan 6 Sheng high wearing a pair of shoes is impressive. And a pair of shoes behind, on behalf of the athletic footwear industry is the current New Wind: customization.

Not wait for reporters to express my feelings, Chen talking about another job, such as personality tide shoes feel like American hippies in the 1950s, with the rapid economic development, consumer format change, some people on the taste and personality of the pursuit become stronger, and a variety of customization for its scarcity, uniqueness fit the needs of the consumer groups. Similarly, the sporting goods field "one to one" type, appear custom shoes products and personalized service can not be copied, it was in keeping with the "customization" this trend. In the sporting goods field, "90" generation has become a major consumer groups, "the pursuit of individuation, emphasizing freedom of self, full of innovation and passion, full of rebellious spirit,"

for such a young group, a personalized fashion will become popular in the future sports trend."Under normal circumstances, to customize the customers are 'great idea', although the brand will recommend some samples, but not necessarily customers 'buy', they are more willing to experiment with style and extreme alternative." Said Chan Ping high. Insiders said that segmentation will become the main trend of the future development of the shoe industry, consumer groups targeted tailored brand will be the trend of the guide, but in the new round of the game

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