Improve utilization and veneer logs is a key value-added technical bottleneck breakthrough. Shortage of timber resources will restrict the development of the timber industry a long time, how to improve the utilization and value of timber and become technical issues related to the transition period enterprises must consider. Industrial market tenants revealed, at this stage, subject to the limitations of processing equipment and technology, the utilization level of production and processing of veneer to be improved. Such as the presence of natural veneer processing planing wear, uneven thickness, uneven number, no special packing bags and other defects. In order to change this phenomenon, the city, the Blue Flag Best Terrace Decking Wholesale & Manufacturers in China and other powerful enterprises to embark on reform veneer, integrated development of road technology, these enterprises on the one hand to reduce production costs and enhance market competitiveness, such as the Blue Flag promote abroad the fumigation of logs If the domestic fumigation, veneer price decrease by 3-5%; on the other hand, these brands take advantage of their size and technological advantages, from the customer needs, develop different specifications of different levels of veneer, Edge banding, parquet, decoration and flooring materials, rich product categories, to enhance value-added products, provide more quality services to the downstream chain. Normative standards and branding is a necessary requirement for industrial upgrading.

After initial extensive development experience, our veneer industry to a significant upgrading of the moment. In such Ebb Tide like shuffle stage, we have to carefully study the situation of the domestic and foreign markets, with the tide, change the development mode. From a macro field of view, the relevant government agencies, associations and enterprises should be based on the buy wood decking wholesale current development of veneer industry, to work together to actively promote the industry norms and standards work, which regulate the production and sale of veneer, the formation of fair competition, healthy and orderly veneer markets; from the microscopic field of view, veneer enterprises should strengthen the brand strategy to overcome the existing small-scale, low productivity, equipment and technical level is not higher unfavorable factors, focusing on product quality and brand, to achieve species diversity, specifications diversification service fine, in good faith based on the market, relying on technology and brand to win market, create a group of influential Chinese veneer business.

Experienced 20 years of rapid development, the wood processing industry has entered a new phase of adjustment, veneer industry, thus causing the market volatility is normal. In this round of economic adjustment among related industries will bring pains and shock, but this will not lead to the composite tongue and groove boards ireland timber industry never recovered. The consumer market is still in the timber industry, development of the timber industry is still hope. So, as long as the veneer industry chain enterprises recognize the status quo, in the new development trend of active innovation, focusing on brand and quality, and take the road of sustainable development, through market baptism veneer enterprises will usher in a new opportunity for development.

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