Thanks to all joining the Global Grace Day

Dear peace workers!

Thank you, gracias, toda, shukran, obrigado, danke, spasibo, merci, grazie, efcharisto and namaste for this year's November 9, for contributing to a global information of healing, for taking astand for life.

The Global GRACE Day 2008 was a great success – with 70 places joining in 25 countries! From Norway to Nairobi, from Vanuatu to Colombia to Hawaii – indigenous tribes coming together with Buddhist lamas, political activists in crisis areas with peace communities in Europe and peace workers from all over the world like Patch Adams, Gloria Cuartas, Julia Butterfly Hill and others.

In a time where the old power systems shake and many millions in the US call for “change”, we can see people all over the world standing up and taking responsibility for planet Earth by themselves. It is a movement of people from all cultures, connecting with each other on a global level for the survival of this Earth. They are walking for the opening of all the walls, wherever they go they try to let trust and understanding grow.

In Tamera, Portugal we celebrated the Global GRACE Day in a simple and deep way. We started Nov. 9th at midnight and lit a camp firde close to our stone circle and stayed awake all night. At sunrise Sabine Lichtenfels, who just returned from a long political journey to Colombia, Ecuador and the US, gave a prayer for this day, before we red out the words of the meditation in several languages to all directions.
Later, while the community gathered again and I, as the young coordinator of the Global GRACE Day was asked to speak some words on stage, I did, but all of a sudden the words got stuck in my throat and I could not talk any more. It felt as if the incredible suffering of the world came so close that I was overwhelmed. It was as if GRACE itself was present and stopped me from staying too “normal”. Sabine Lichtenfels continued:
“I can't close my eyes anymore. There is so much pain in this world. It doesn't make sense to live a secure life. It won't work. But if we open our hearts and become compassionate then there will be a helping source. We faced the situation of a community (San José de Apartado) where life is daily threatened. The suppression through the globalization of violence is so strong that you almost could give up. The only real help I can see is the awareness of the Western world. If we develop ourselves here deep enough and quick enough, then we can be the change.”

Now we want to publish (and have already started) all actions on the website. Please send us pictures and stories, so that we can recognize each other as part of the GRACE activist community, which slowly gets visible. There was already a big surprise: We could notice that the energy of GRACE became visible and tangible on many places, often in small situations. Unexpected reconciliation took place, situations changed from violence to openness as if a miracle had happened. Go to the website for further details:
This is what the Global GRACE Day is about: Not only having this word on our flags and papers, but more: Knowing what is meant by GRACE, creating a frequency worldwide what strengthens GRACE, practicing GRACE throughout the year and then combine our power on this specific day on a global level.

We started envisioning how the Global GRACE Day could be in five years: Imagine this day with many different pilgrims walking for reconciliation and healing in different crisis areas, in Tibet, in South America, in the Middle East, in Russia and in Central Africa. Imagine video screens that would show all the different actions during the day. Imagine peace communities all over the world praying in their native languages the same words for peace and dedicating themselves to fully serve this information. Imagine how this information reaches out and touches the hearts of politicians, soldiers and business men and women. Imagine the energy of GRACE being so strong that it creates miracles all over. Which miracle do we want to create together?

Thank you for your actions and for your commitment.
Please mark our next Summer University (July 29 – Aug 7, 2009) in your agendas and – if somehow possible – try to come!! We would love to have this date as THE yearly meeting place of the GRACE activists. Welcome to Tamera!

In deep gratitude to all peace workers.

Martin Winiecki
Institute for Global Peace Work
Tamera, Portugal

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