The 9th of november GLOBAL_GRACE_DAY

To all members of iPeace and
to all peace-seeker, peace-worker and all who want to be the change they want to see in the world.

Tomorrow , there is the GLOBAL-Grace-Day where people all over the world come together in the frequency of GRACE.

I wonna invite you all to join. Come together with your friends, your enemies, your family, your parents, your children etc.

I add an invitation from one of my friends from the peace-village and healing-biotop Tamera/Portugal

In Palestine we meet at 11.00 in Bilin for a silent-walk and a meditation next to the wall. Come, come where ever you are!

Martin Winiecki posted an announcement to the cause Nov 9, 2008: Global GRACE Day.


Dear GRACE activists all over the world!

My name is Martin Winiecki, I'm one of the youth of Tamera, Portugal, coordinating this year's Global GRACE Day. I am just coming back from a visit to the North of Colombia. This region is located at the burning point of global players who try to take unlimited economical liberty and maximal exploitation of resources in the world. The farmers and indigenous people of Colombia who live in the lands and stand with their lives in the way of economic interests are not protected. Displacement, arbitrary arrests, murder and massacres are of the daily order. The victims remain from the world and the world's public keeps silent.

What is going on here at this place in Colombia, happens in a similar way in most areas of the Earth. On the other side of the economic dividing line, an unbearable pain and loneliness is the shadow side of the modern Western lifestyle.

In the middle of the bloody war in Colombia, a group of farmers decided 11 years ago to resist the armed groups and despite to all atrocities they choose not to take revenge but to build a peace community instead. Since then 160 members of the community have been killed and nevertheless they continue as a peace community.

In October San José de Apartadó was the location of peace pilgrimage in the name of GRACE and the opening of the Global Campus, a global peace university with study sites on different continents. It is the beginning of a cooperation for creating a new global peace culture. Peace workers from Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, the US, from Tibet, India and other countries are coming together in a movement for a new nonviolent perspective. We share global thinking and a planetary community and come together in new communitarian life models. We step out of the identification with the old system and connect to a greater spiritual source. By this, we discover beyond our former existence the power of compassion, joy of life, clarity, sensuality and radicality, a power we call GRACE.

We no longer want to fight against the old system but instead we want to honor life in its sacredness and beauty. We want to celebrate it in a way that it can even open the hearts of those who commit violence and follow revenge.

We are in a global transformation. People from different cultures and direction who didn't meet before, are coming together for a new movement for a free earth. We want to use all the hope which is present on this planet today to fully dedicate our powers to life and be the change we want to see in the world. We want to do it wherever we are and we especially want to do it on November 9th.

For the Global GRACE Day, the meditation text by Sabine Lichtenfels will serve as the basic guideline for each action. You can find under:

Thank you very much joining this enterprise of creating a peaceful culture on planet Earth.

viva la vida!

PS: Please document the actions on November 9, to film it or to take pictures. Please upload it afterwards under:

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