That’s entertainment

By james a. galgano


Crisscross cabaret limbs cascade into the night

Hold an audience in awe every motion well defined

Arouse a sense of euphoria seemingly as they face

Erogenous zones cavorting across lime lit stage

Time seems to stop at each leap intentional bump and grind

Exaggerated make up highlights every obvious allure

Mesmerizing captive observations into a woozy rage

While imagination now unrestrained is unleashed divine

In reverential glee of the indisputable intention secured

Much more then to entertain but most assuredly to engage

Those once dormant emotions now enraptured by such grace

Whose obvious aim is to captivate as well as thoroughly delight

Every emotion now squirming from the proximity of seated cage

Peering into the affectation of what will never be easily inured

For this is not the purpose of this misapprehension misplaced

The only crisscross consideration of each limb in motion tonight

Is to lead each eye so willing to follow devoutly across given stage

The unfulfilled promise that one so easily succumbs to and pines

Eternally as time stands still and for that one moment uninsured

Remains in rapture for a seeming eternity to insatiably taste

While remembering forevermore each alluring image and insight

Each audience of one will in memory remain as prisoner by desing



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