It was the country of the wells. Any foreign visitor who came to this country would only see large, small, ugly, beautiful, rich and poor wells... Around the wells was little vegetation, the soil was dry.

Wells spoke to each other, but from some distance...they had always land in the middle. In fact, the only one who spoke was the mouth of the well: what you see at ground level.

It gave the impression that sounded hollow, because it came from hollow places...

As the mouth of the well was hollow, in the wells was an empty feeling, dizziness, anxiety ... and each of them tended to fill it as they could: with things, noises, rare sensations, and even books and wisdom...

Among the wells, there were some in which there were space for many things.

Others were smaller, but also there was space for things.

When things changed fashion, then the wells changed the things in them too, and the well that has more things was more respected and admired ...

But, in their deep, they were not ever happy with what they had. The well was always dry and thirsty ...

The majority, between the small spaces left between things, perceived in their interior something mysterious ... their fingers touched slightly the water in the bottom of the well.

And in front of this feeling so rare, some felt scared and tried not to feel it again.
Others, found so much difficulty because of the things that crowded the well, that surrendered early, and chose to forget what they had seen in their deep.

On the surface, it also was spoken about those "profound experiences" that many feel ... But there was who laugh, quite a few, saying that this was wishful thinking ... than there were no more reality that the well and the things that were inside the hole.

But there were one who began to look inside ... and excited about experiencing that sensation in his deep, tried to go deeper.
As the things that he had been accumulating bothered him, he preferered to get rid of them, and threw them outside of him...
And continued removing things till he stayed in silence...

Then in the silence of the well, he heard the water bubble down there ... and felt a great peace, a peace that came alive from the depth. And now it was not just the hands, arms, but all the well that refreshed and quenched his thirst in the water.

Then the well experienced that that was his reason for being, there, in the depth, he felt himself. Until then he had believed that being a well was synonimous with having a great hole, very rich and ornate, filled with lot of things.

And so, while other wells were trying to enlarge its holes so that the gaps were greater and was space for more things, this well, diving into it, was discovering that the best of himself was in the deep, and that he was "more well" when he had more depth ...

Happy for his discovery, he tried to communicate it, and began to draw water from its interior, and water, while going outside, refreshed the dry soil and made her fertile, and soon sprouted flowers around the well...

The news spread quickly. The reactions were varied: some were skeptical of the discovery, others felt a nostalgia for something that, deep down, they also perceived. Others despised that "display of poetry," as they called it. There was whom thought that all these ‘taking water from the inside depth’ was a waste of time...

And the majority chose to ignore all, because the truth is that they were very busy filling the hole with things, and had been accustomed to the satisfaction that ‘having’ produced in them, and felt comfortable in the noise, and were happy with the sensations experienced from the outside ...

However, some tried the experience, and, after having been relieved of the things they were filled, they also found the water within.

Since then the surprises began to arise... they found that as more water they removed from the interior to be spread around them, they were not feeling empty, but they felt more fresh and renewed ...

And, doing further work on their inner self, they discovered that all the wells were united by the same reason for being: water.

Thus began an in-depth communication between them, because the walls of the well weren’t impassable limits anymore.
They communicate with each other in depth, no matter what was the appearence of one or the other well, because that was superficial and had no bearing on what was in the depth...

In each well water taste and acquired some different properties: they were the characteristics of each well.

But the most sensational discovery came later, when the wells that were living in their depth arrived to the conclusion that the water that gave them life, was not born exactly there, in each one’s depth, but that it came for all from the same place ... and they went diving following the flow of water ... and discovered the Source.

The Source was far away, in the great mountain that dominated the land of the Wells, where anyone hardly noticed its presence, but it was there, majestic, serene, peaceful, and with the secret of life in it.

The mountain has been always there, sometimes barely visible from the mist, other times radiant, ever-vigilant and realizing all what was happening around it ...

But the wells had been so busy in adorning their holes, that had barely bothered to look at the mountain.

The mountain had been here since ever, in the depth of each well, because its spring arrived to where they were, making Wells of them...

Since then, the wells that had discovered their beings, struggled to enlarge their interior and increase their depth, so that the spring could get to them easily ...
And the water that was removed from themselves embellished the land and transformed the landscape ... while out there, on the surface, the majority remained busy expanding their holes and wishing to put more things in them...

I heard this story in a class (author unknown)
The images in this post are by Andree Wallin, NRay, and from the video "El Pais de los pozos" (in

(please tell me if there are mistakes in my English spelling or if something doesn't make sense)...Thank you, Abelia

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