The Power of Innocence (Fast Track for Peace & True PeaceMakers)

The Power of Innocence (Fast Track For Peace & True PeaceMakers)

The following article assumes that the reader desires to experience inner and outer peace. My purpose in writing this is to provide a 'fast-track' answer to satisfy that desire - to tell you, in quickest terms, how to have what you desire. Although the short answer is forgiveness, most people think this means that first you make someone wrong, guilty or blameful, then you, the perceiver of the wrongness/guilt/blame, pardon what they've done in an act of sacrificial grandeur on your part. This is NOT forgiveness. Yes, it is seemingly gracious - but it CANNOT produce the inner and outer experience of peace desired. It cannot because it makes delusional ideas real then denies their existence. Said another way, it cannot work because it mistakes/insists choices as/are facts, then denies the apparent facts altogether. This essentially defines insanity - but most, ironically, who utilize this form of reasoning regarding forgiveness think that they are being perfectly logical.

Hint: One delusional idea is that anyone or anything outside of you is responsible for your state-of-being; another delusional idea is that anyone or anything can be, in reality, blameful, guilty, or wrong.

This form of applied forgiveness is the act doing NOTHING upon NOTHING and accomplishing NOTHING. **True forgiveness is recognizing that the thing you think happened never actually happened - whatever it or that thing was came from YOU, specifically from your thoughts about who you think you are and who you think everyone and everything else is in relation to you.** In your thought constellation, also known as your self-identity, you believed that it was possible to experience anything other than wholeness, perfection, and innocence. And, what you're experiencing on Earth is a function of that belief you're holding - so, you'll naturally witness/experience incompleteness, imperfection, and guilt.

Hint: That is proof of just how powerful your mind is. It is NOT proof that what you think is real is REALITY.

When you find what you believe to be possible for you, you seem to orgasm with excitement and announce it to those in your world. Hey, look everyone, I see who's to blame, they're over there, look! Hey look everyone, I see who's at fault, they're over there, look! Hey, look everyone, I see what's wrong, it's over there, look! You might even write a book about your finding, become an evangelist for your cause, a politician, a psychiatrist, a lawyer, join the military, or really anything that serves your goal of identifying the blameful/guilty/wrongful person, object, or idea and eradicating it from your sight. Unfortunately, this won't eradicate it from your sight because it is in your mind, not outside of you. Again, it is in your identity thoughts - specifically the ones that have accepted that it is possible to encounter incompleteness, imperfection, and blame/guilt/wrongness.

Q: Ok, what do you do when you see someone you claim to truly love as incomplete, imperfect, or blameful/guilty/wrong?
A: Realize what you've seemingly done, forgive yourself (applying true forgiveness), then move on to your next life's instant with gratitude.

Q: I like what you're saying, especially the part about being personally responsible for how I feel, but what if I really don't know how to forgive like it never happened?
A: (1) Be patient with yourself.
(2) Learn the difference between facts and choices so you can distinguish reality from illusions. You can do this in: "How To Be Right About Everything"
(3) Be patient with yourself.

Q: Can you please explain more about the facts?
A: Yes. Innocence is a fact, not a choice. Choices are things we perceive so they vary person to person, are completely unreliable indicators of reality, and are never to be confused with facts. Choosing to not believe that INNOCENCE IS A FACT will consistently bring the experience of inner and outer conflict - you will see guilt - but you won't think that its coming from you. And that's how you trap yourself - for most this is the experience called misery.

If you've been on Earth awhile, you might have noticed that a lot of human energy seems to be spent determining where guilt, blame, or wrongness can be assigned. Guilt, blame, and wrongness are identical - they all mean the same thing because they are interpretive labels that choose that a fellow human being or scenario can be anything less than whole, innocent, and perfect for that perceiver.

Q: Is a choice a fact?
A: No, therefore its reality is limited to the chooser, also known as the perceiver.

Example: Humans love to get angry at each other on the streets and highways. They look around, see evidence of non-compliance to some law or driving-style they find personally useful than get angry at and assign wrongness/guilt/blame to the other driver. This is a waste of energy and a way of seeing which entraps the perceiver into thinking that there is somewhere outside of themselves where they can assign blame. What they don't understand is that what they are seeing is their own guilt projected out. What you believe becomes true for you is also a fact from How To Be Right About Everything.

If innocence is a fact and not a choice, what then must blame, guilt, or wrongness be? Blame, guilt, and wrongness must be a choice, just a way of seeing, perception or interpretation, and not facts at all. Being choices, their reality is limited to the perceiver of blame/guilt/wrongness - not to anyone or anything you might attempt to make responsible for how you feel. Attempts of this kind weaken the perceiver considerably because it assigns responsibility for how that perceiver feels to something outside of self.

Q: Is there anything, in reality, outside of my self - meaning my identity thoughts?
A: No.

Q: So, then what is the perceiver doing exactly when they sincerely believe in the existence of the guilty, blameful, or wrong?
A: Deluding themselves - standing in a state of denial - and probably throwing a temper tantrum about that - especially if the subject upon whom the guilt is assigned does not accept their indictment.

Hint: Humans never accept another person's contention that they are anything other than entirely innocent. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you'll stop wasting personal growth time on the planet in the act of personal regression.

Q: What about when someone blames me and I know I'm innocent?
A: The degree to which you accept someone else's insistence that you are blameful, guilty, or wrong is equivalent to how much you don't personally believe that your innocence is a fact.

Q: Can I teach myself that my innocence is a fact while I see guilt all around me?
A: Yes. And, this is how you become fully empowered - by practicing the belief in all the FACTS.

Hint: When you first start to practice believing your own innocence, you may notice that people in your life will attempt to blame you or make you feel guilty. If this happens, it simply means that you have yet to completely believe your own innocence. You are projecting that residual self-guilt out and its coming back to you like a boomerang. What you do when this seems to happen is practice true forgiveness.

When you completely believe your own innocence, you will naturally see the innocence of those around you at all times. Do not feel depressed or guilty about not completely believing yours or anyone else's innocence - in fact, dismiss all self-judgment as ego-arrogance which no longer serves you towards your goal of inner and outer peace. It is not that you shouldn't judge, it is that you can't.

Keep practicing distinguishing the facts from the choices, reality from illusions. Remember those in your life are entirely innocent always and in all ways. As you do this practice, enjoy moments of pure elation and joy; also enjoy how your relationships heal and blossom. Why? Because people love it when you sincerely recognize them - and because their natural state is innocence, you are giving them the greatest gift - recognition - there is unlimited power in this seeing. Try it.

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