Beech Hill called "rosewood" According to a long engaged in the timber business owner said Zhang Quan, the most typical way is perpetrating a fraud: some unscrupulous dealers to market artificial say natural, such as posing as Thai pomelo grapefruit with the United States, in fact, the United States and grapefruit wood surface and artificial color is made, the Thai pomelo is a naturally occurring, which is about three times the price of the former; foul: Blockboard have hands-fight fight and divided, the core puzzle by more regular machine The small strip of wood with a machine assembled from the inner core formation, tight joints, high tensile strength, and hand the fight is how to install deck veneer Bahrain put together pieces of wood, small plates irregular, mostly without glue , patchwork, poor tensile properties,.

many hollow; confound right and wrong: many consumers to name the building materials, the performance scanty, confusing similar names are unscrupulous dealers most common trick, as some businesses called the mountain beech "rosewood", Birch called "cherry", in fact there is a fundamental difference between these timber. Dealer collusion with the renovation team According to Anhui Timber Industry Association survey, in a few non-wood building materials market comprehensive professional market, some dealers often lack of integrity and mutual renovation team "collusion", together deceive consumers. For example, owners with renovation work to buy material, decorators owners turn first to accompany a dozen stores, says this is not good quality, the selection of house price fraud. Running around a long time, the owner ran tired, renovation work will come to have shop "business" relationship. As long as the transaction is successful, the turnover and the market price of the material difference, is the owner of the rebate payable to the renovation work. Many home improvement consumers were kept in the dark, renovation work was also touched by the spirit of serious and responsible, can be difficult to think of how not to buy genuine material.

Some owners are also in the purchase of wood, there will be some businesses porters, often on the sidelines "expert" status and businessmen singing "double reed." Do not understand the line of consumers can not tell good or bad quality wood products and the price level, coupled with a "well-intentioned experts" in the side of Deck Floor Covering For Discount India the initiative, "describes." Once consumers deceived, these "expert shopping guide," you can get the appropriate commission. Buy online claims nowhere in today's society has also seen some of "joint procurement", "buy online" as the name of the organization, to attract customers. According to industry analysts, wood composite building materials market consumer traps from minority businesses are not honest pursuit of immediate interests, while many consumers do not know the wood expertise. Consumers buy the best wood to standardize professional market, the brand storefront and requirements.

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