This is sad.This is really sad.

To stay and watch a network bleeding to death. It started to bleed when it was closed down some months ago and then opened again with the explanation;" It did not know it was so important to you" It has bleed ever since.

What has that person missed who could say such a thing?

I do understand if someone has had it, lost motivation, see no results whatever. That`s OK. But give it away to someone else who still burns for it. Do not block their way.

You had a goal, you reached it, you like me like challenges and when you have reached what you have been fighting for you loose a bit of your interest.

Yes.. yes... I can can understand that too..

But what I do not understand is that you see others, with the fire you once had, who fight so intensively, for what you once created. My God , You ought to thank him, religious or not ;), that you can leave it in such good hands.

You are a happy man David Califa *smile*

You are still called Mr and Sir so take the admiration and pride you still have left, and give your wonderful baby iPeace to the "fire-souls"before they have all left.

This is just an advice. I know you are that kind of person that say things like: "do not lecture me". But honestly David. this was not good. And you know it as the intelligent man you are. But you have still a chance to keep your head high,

Take it..

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Comment by gunilla caisson on July 15, 2010 at 1:47pm
Haa..just when I write This I'm the ONLY member online :) pretty lonely *smile* Need some fresh air...
Comment by gunilla caisson on July 15, 2010 at 1:33pm
I had thought to delete this post since so much has changed since I wrote it. But much is the same. But now also so many of those I called the "fire souls" have left and created new and own sites. Many of them seem so hurt and I doubt if they ever will come back. Then we have the concept; Pride too ..
I do understand them too.
But that means that this page needs many blood transfusions to get lively again :)

I have accepted how it is...however sad it is. Since we cannot force someone to show and interest that is not there any more. This site is more of a trophy now...for its owner. He did it...Yes once again Well done..

Here we are among the crumbs :) looking around and see 4-6 members on line.
But I see that as a challenge too. By being here writing, discussing etc we can keep it alive, even if it under theses circumstances will be much of just artificial respiration
Comment by Stephanie on July 15, 2010 at 12:39pm
Hi Gunilla
I just read this...
I also wrote to David asking if he is happy or not if I give him some clues about what iPeace may need at this moment....
don't expect an answer but think a list of things might be necessary or on the carousel up top, a person might find themselves going round and round without any company...
Steph : /
Comment by gunilla caisson on May 29, 2010 at 2:45am
You have guts leah :) That should make you a good administrator, admin whatever.
So many agree to this but where are the comments? Or they disagree that´s OK too but say it.

No Leah I do not feel a true honesty here, It is something that doesn`t make sense, Haven`t figured it out yet *smile* And when I have i do not know what steps I have to take.
My biggest obligations will always be to myself. Since I have to live with this old lady for the rest of my life;) and I want to be able to see her in the eyes every morning :) :)

Maybe that was what Maria thought too; staying true to oneself in order to keep the self respect
I`m sure she did the right thing
Comment by Leah D (Pixie) on May 29, 2010 at 2:09am
She is on Facebook gunilla, a good friend to all..she did not & does not want cause any troubles by her leaving. Was a personal choice based on all that's been going on. I know she would not want you 2 be sad..only said okay for me to leave her words so those she loved & network she gave so much to and loves will understand some explanation of WHY she left. After some time,perhaps she will return?
No worries of me running out of force to fight gunilla..I'm a never give up kinda girl, when it comes to something I believe in & Love..
Comment by gunilla caisson on May 29, 2010 at 12:40am
I did not know Maria personally. Do not think she even is my friend. But I have seen and read all she has done for this network, If she left God I´m really worried ... That was maybe the deathblow to this network.
I´m so sad..and i wonder how long you and Des have the force to fight...
Saying good luck feels almost ironic.. I´m so sad .. I do not know what to say..
Comment by Leah D (Pixie) on May 29, 2010 at 12:10am
(I also posted on the Forum discussion)

From Maria Shipka today on facebook,explaining WHY she left ipeace suddenly Yesterday!
Copied and posted here by Me with her permission . Maria much loved ipeace ,believed in We as a Global community can make a difference in the world for Peace. The loss is great of her presence here on ipeace. Not only was she dedicated to the Welcome Team ,one of most ACTIVE members..but always a shining brightly dear loving caring peaceful FRIEND to oh so many! We all feel the loss of her here with us on ipeace :( No, no one "put a gun to her head keep her here" ..but she left on her own choice due to the last comment,words from David.

Maria Shipka May 28 at 1:03am

Hello my dear Leah, DEss, Paull and all...
I'm really much sorry but the message David Califa, his arrogance and his vulgarity was the last drops I was able to endure....I not left iPEACE without words, I left my comment in the discuss just under his message....all about what to him going is collecting the change he will allow to make in iPEACE...I realised I do not want serve to him never more....I'm sorry....I was no aware that with my departure will all my comments also gone. I'm glad that I'm connected with you and many iPeace friends here on Facebook and with you also on Yahoo.
Thanks for birthday wish and to you also all the best, much LOVE and Happiness! Big hugs! Maria
Comment by gunilla caisson on May 28, 2010 at 10:57pm
I do not know. I can understand if this man has lost his interest and he must know that we think that it`s OK. We must give him that recognition
But he must also know that it is not OK to be in the way for all of you who fight so unbelievable to keep it alive. This was his "baby". And who do not want their children to survive.If I cannot myself , of different reasons. I hand the responsible over. That`s all... and that is OK
Comment by Leah D (Pixie) on May 28, 2010 at 10:38pm
Wonderful gunilla and thank you dear friend for your excellent,well put & so very truthful blog!
I have the ability to *feature* but do not know if am allowed to use it? No discussions among the Team members that now have added abilities to suspend spammers,with a few extra *buttons* at our finger tips..No one has told me or explained my role or what can or can't do? So, I do my job as Welcome new members and spammers slammer..If was up to me,I would Feature this blog!
Stephanie has some new ones coming too..keep a look out for them, :)
and David,if you read this? Gunilla gives very good advice.
Peace ~respect ~ Hugs ~smiles :)

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