The monopoly of power by means of violent force must be eliminated immediately and nonviolently - on all fronts. We will not fail. We cannot fail. We must not fail. We demand freedom immediately and the only one who can answer that demand is of course yourself, not an imagined X percent who will ignore your signs, your chanting, your tents and your signed petitions. You were brainwashed into giving your freedom away. You didn't know better. I didn't know better. But now that we have looked behind the curtain we simply no longer have any more excuses. You can decide right now to wake up and take your power back. What the so-called 1 Percent is doing has nothing to do with me. Together we will Occupy.



I have no President. I have no country. I have no religion. The residue of brainwash is washed off with each passing moment. The social norm is an epidemic. I recognize the authority of no one. I am divested of my investment in the voice of the herd because of a voice heard at the level of the soul. Nothing can fill the hole when you are whole. Please do not watch this video:



Eric Allen Bell
Eric Allen Bell is Founder of
Consciousness-Based Television

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