with half wet clean rag wipe the toothpaste will do

maintenance of leather Sandals leather Sandals upper, except for synthetic leather, generally cannot be wiped with a damp cloth, let alone on the water cleaning. Otherwise easy to wipe off on the upper colored pulp and leather sandals, "pock". Too much water, making skin hardens, influence of stretch. If it is a dark leather sandals, stained with dirt after, can be coated with lemon juice and then Polish with the same color, you can get rid of the stains. If a light leather sandals, use a soft cloth and gently wipe clean with shoe  nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk polish on it. Do not apply too thick shoe Polish, because the volatile summer shoe Polish, paint too much, but will cause chapped upper. If white nappa leather Sandals dirty, wipe gently with a white drawing rubber uppers first, and then with a clean soft cloth to wipe the rubber, then rubbed with white shoe Polish, dry brush repeatedly brush, then

 wipe with a soft cloth, the vamp look like new. Leather Sandals shoesLeather and coated with sludge with a dry brush to brush away; imitation leather or rubber bottoms free brush and wash. Leather Sandals on the maintenance of a large annoyance, soles and uppers is easily stained with sweat, but also, the more genuine leather material, Khan traces more difficult to remove. When cleaning we can nike mid blazer womens squeeze toothpaste on sandals, sweaty place, and gently brushing with toothpaste, toothpaste can be seen very quickly turn from white to yellow, perspiration is much more shallow, with half wet clean rag wipe the toothpaste will do. Cleaning and maintenance of patent leather Sandals-leather surface is resin, no wicking capabilities, as long as the fish mouth shoes packages more closely, such as sandals, dressed in a row can easily be contaminated, so the best way is

to wear the next day wash, another day will shoes in an airy place to dry. Patent leather skin Sandals points light patent leather and wrinkle patent leather two species, wrinkle patent leather is with neutral of resin paint made of, so easily fade, surface easily sucking water, conservation compared convenient, surface dust available not drop of wet cloth scrub clean, again with not up velvet of soft cloth wipe dry can, also available leather cleaning agent or clean cream maintenance, but cannot with light agent or shoes breast maintenance, light agent will caused false coating shedding, shoes breast will makes uppers sent black. Light patent leather skin Sandals of clean don't with wet cloth or soft hair brush, or you soon on can see uppers Shang of designated marks, should select old stockings, texture soft of things wipe, cannot with washing, if shoes lane wet has,

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