Xerxes Youthful Zeal

An arrogant asshole assumes
Bodily, belligerently and boastfully
Coursing callous comments
Defining deathly deliriums
Excacerbating elemental,
Fundamental fumigations
Granting gilded guidance
Honing heroes habits
Initiating implicit irony
Jacking, jolting & jeering
Killing kilotons of Kryptonite
Lamenting lustful longings
Manufacturing mentalities
Nemesis not needed now
Obvious or ornamental only
Please patent [my] pertinent premonitions
Query, quiz, quip, quiet [or] quell
Resist, reduce, react [and] resent
Sour, silly, sordid, sarcastic & senseless?
Tempted, toasted, torn- talentless
Urging, using, used, useless, [3]uphemisms
Vast, veracious, villanous and vindicated
Willing, witful, wisdom-less welling
[E]xcavating [3]xciting [E]mittances
Zapping zilch, zeroing [your] zone

Easing the Tension

of living, feeling freely i flow
through the thousands of you i
find my self so desperate to know
what reason would i have to lie?
and tell you things that never were?
take this all with a grain of salt
an alcoholic sometimes slurs

tantrums bourne of tensions taut
torn and taught by symptoms wrought
iron tossed tears spilledd from third floor tiers
i always feel so distant from peers
what reason would i have to lie?
and tell you things that never were?
all i meant was i want nothing for 'i'
i have an alcoholic's eye
and again at times i slur
my words

i know you want something from me at times
and i truly would like to oblige
but all you ask is far too much
my tension here's sealed with a sigh

for everyone and everything that ever
fell to stupidity, not mental deficiency
disorder debt or anything sinister
just temporary lack of mental proficiency
in appropriately speaking their mind
or strategically biding their time
what reason would i have to lie?
and tell you things that never were?
i just told you i want nothing for 'i'
and that's all there is to my words.

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