Legendary Rosslyn Chapel is famous for it's myths and legends of Knights Templar, Arthur, The Holy Grail, buried treasure, and the intricate medieval carvings of whimsical creatures, biblical characters and scenes covering almost every space on the walls and ceilings.
All rights reserved: Piano improvisations by Patrick Leonard and photographs by Caroline Davies.

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Comment by Martin Carriere on December 27, 2008 at 7:05pm
Perhaps you may want to look up www.atlanticconference.org to view how the current St. Clair family, who are descended from the builders of Rosslyn, are still working towards peace and releasing a clearer version of the stories between the old and new worlds. The dna studies may also be of interest. The world seems certainly ready for a truer version of history - or at least one not steaped in propaganda and misleading info.

all my love,

Martin Carriere

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