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This is an open group for members from middle east (but not only) who wish to discuss issues related to the region, with full respect to other members and views. Please do not open discussions on this group

Location: Middle East
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About this group

For long time we wanted to create an environment for members from Middle East (but not only) to discuss issues related to the region.
The group will be open to everyone, but we will ask all members to follow our group guidelines as published here.
We will choose a new topic every month or so, and will open a discussion for that topic, we will do our best to choose a leader for the topic, someone who is knowledgeable and passionate for this topic and we really hope it can serve as a quiet and dignified fireside chat room.
Discussions will be limited by time and we will announce in advance how long each one will last
Please feel free to comment and of course to join any discussion that is ongoing here, this a place to learn and express yourself, not to argue.

Our guidleines

1. Think before you hit "send". First of all, this is a good idea in general. This is the plus of debating sensitive subjects over the internet- make the best of it. Second, try to control the number of posts you make. Ask yourself if you are saying something new or just repeating yourself or others. Ask yourself if what you are writing might offend anyone. Ask yourself if what you are writing will interest anyone but yourself, and if it will move the conversation forward.

2. Remember that not everyone is on the internet 24/7. We want this discussion to be relevant for a person that logs on every 3-5 days as well, not only to people that check the website every hour. Don't demand answers or wonder "where is everybody" 2 hours after you make your post. We are here, we are just busy. And if your post is interesting and relevant, we will make the effort to answer it when we have the time.

3. If you feel more comfortable, express yourself in your own language. We will find someone to translate it. For translating Arabic and Hebrew to English, you can use Google translator.

4. This is not a contest: we don't care about who knows more or who can find more information on Wikipedia and copy-paste it. Rather, we are here to listen and learn from each other. Try to ask the other participants questions and request clarifications if necessary. Try to open up to opinions different than yours. If there is an interesting link you want us to look at, please post it, but please avoid pasting text into your own answer, we want to read your view not others.

5. Last but not at all least, treat the other participants with respect. No one will listen to you if you yell at them, even if it is "only" in cyberspace.
Remember, "Respect yourself and others will respect you". (Confucius, 551 BC- 479 BC)

How will it work? This group is self-moderated. We will have 4 members acting as moderators. They will exercise common sense and a pro-active approach.

By joining this discussion, you agree to all of the above.



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