( this vid may be to loud for some people, so you might wish to turn volume down)

This is a question I think so many of us have asked. Yes, when we open our hearts to Love others, we are risking having it crushed. Love is NOT just shiny words,it is the most important emotion we have.
Is Loving worth risking being hurt? I for one truly believe absolutely -Yes!
So what are your thoughts? Do you think we as Humans can feel Love without some pain? Can we have one emotion without the other? I think to truly give love to others can be at times painful,and it is worth having the pain too. But that does not mean that love SHOULD be painful,only that it can be at times,
I know many might disagree with me on this. So many here focus on LOVE. Bantering the words and pretty pictures and phrases around like a "Hello" Do you truly feel Love when you say" I love you" to a friend ?
I know I do. I do not say so if I do not "Feel" it. Sometimes and several times here on ipeace I have been hurt by people I gave my love to,but does the pain of it mean I no longer care? No. It doesn't. That's why it is painful. Because the Love is still present,even if the friend or person is not,or does not return it.
Which leads to my next thought or question.
As people discuss and debate unconditional love here and on these networks. Do you know what unconditional Love is?
To me it is to give Love freely without fear of pain or expectations of anything in return.
Of course to be loved in return certainly does make it more enjoyable :D

Just some thoughts that I have had rattling around in my head for a few days.....

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Yes, joni very well put and along the lines of what I was thinking...:-))
Oh, and ...I luvs yoooo xx
Yup, what ya said Joni makes a lotta sense......did u mean that someone can end up hurt by doing what they need? Didn't follow da last part so well...hugs to u sis x

When we actually have to deal with a real relationship, pain of some sort will surely come to the surface at some point. If we can't move through that pain and face it, then it is possible it will get worse. It can take time for some things though before we are ready to accept things the way they are. Acceptance isn't so easy either in real life and not to be found in a book someone wrote. Am not sure if there is any way to find it or if it can be found....we just come to it when we are ready?

Some say the pain is self-created...perhaps it is, but I doubt that even the most enlightened of folks can say that there's never been any problems or pain to deal with in their relationships.......I think humans can love without pain...at least I think it is possible at certain times, but to be totally free of pain all of the time? Am not so sure 'bout that. Do we need to have lived through hard times so that we can learn to accept them?

I do think we can feel love without pain, but not all the time. Sometimes there will be pain.

Being aware of it gives u a big head start. :):):)
Thanks sis....I dig what ur saying now...it has happened to me before...have been hurt and then have grown...but the thing about it, is often the pain of being hurt persists (sometimes never leaves completely)....that's why am v careful with people....I try not to push people and probably would have a hard time doing something that I knew would help someone if I also knew it would hurt them...its a hard one for me......maybe am just a big softy at heart lolol

Big hugs to ya sista joni :)
Also hun (Leah), I liked ur post a lot......I think about a lotta things u mentioned and they resonate with me big time..... I think its hard to have perfect unconditional love...I guess I jus strive towards it as best I can...from time to time I guess some or most of us will have unmet expectations and fear to some degree or another.

Yup bein loved back is definately better lol :):):)

And I love you too hunny v much xxx
And love u too sista Joni x
Very interesting discussion you have started here Leah..

Love without pain? No i think like you that these two goes hand in hand.. If you love someone you are vulnerable so of course you get hurt some times. If not I`m sure that love is not involved..*smile* Only those who are indifferent can avoid being emotional hurt in a relationship

But love on these networks..., there I have a different opinion ..I will be back about that...*smile*
I am pleased you find my discussion here interesting gunilla.
Your comment resonates what I feel about this too. Thank you for commenting.
Look forward to your coming back for your thoughts of love on these networks..
This is just a copy from the discussion in the other group...

"To Leah I also think the valuable of a word has to do with our different languages and also the characters that goes with different countries. I think that LOVE is more used in English speaking countries than in Scandinavia, for example..
Love is for me a very strong word which I use only in contact with people who are very close to me..My husband, my children, my parents etc.
On these network Love is to much used, a bit weared out to me...:)
When everyone say I love to to everybody., the word has totally lost its substance. I will never end up there...When I care for somebody here or say I like you it´s also a kind of love and have many the same ingredients as love. But I still keep these word separated from Love...
This may seem strange for many, specially English speaking people *smile* Do not think they will really understand me, and fully explain what I mean should take a whole book :)
But I like so many here and I care for so many...and that make me a bit vulnerable...
Just as love do...*smile* "
Actually gunilla I do understand everything you said..smile..
I learned at a young age there is many different kinds,types of Love. When I was 13 I put in list of categories that I explained to so many others. I thought and still do was a great way to explain the different "levels" of feelings. I still do although is more detailed and understood since I have grown up..since I've evolved as a person. I still do think my list from when 13 is good,makes sence to me anyway. So,here is my explanation I came up with as a 13 yr. old girl:
*in like
*in lust
*in love
The progression from like to love to in love was to explain relationships,how each level progressed or stayed at a certain level, well,lol it made perfect sence to me threw much of my youth. Sometimes as a boy or man would tell me he loved me or was falling in-love,I would reply.."no you're just in-lust with me." lol not always understood what I meant,but was true.
So gunilla your explanations of saying" I Like you" as a "form or type" of love makes perfect sence to me. Reserving the word Love for your family, yes this I understand.
I think Love is often over used here on ipeace,as just a word. BUT I also do LOVE my friends,is friend love..or could say is Love of humanity.Some I am much closer to than others,some I love more or "differently" than others. I love in many different ways and levels. Do you or others here understand what I am talking about?
Is like the Love I feel for my kitties , my furry children, is very strong and powerful,no less valid than Love of my grandchildren or My Son's ex girlfriend that I Love as my daughter,no less than if she were my own "blood" relative.
or my ex Mother-in-law that I love dearly,not a blood relative but to us, no less feelings of Love between us than a mother and daughter. Anyone getting what I am saying here? If joni were here I know she would say "hellyea' sista' " Another example of Love. joni and I have never met in-person,yet I love her & she Loves me. We connected on ipeace,are so alike in so many ways and developed a very close understanding of each other and Love no less than if a blood relative. Or my dear Sister friend Linda M.is a different type of love,but love is there between us..
I also fell in love with my dear Des,here on ipeace, we Loved each other before we met in-person. Our Love is powerful,pure & unbreakable.
We "liked" each other first and grew from there. The connections,bonds of friendship we all create here,in this cyber world is no less valid than if we met in a social situation in the real world. The love created,shared and sometimes lost between friends here, is no less wonderful or painful than in life in our homes,communities,families,cities,etc..at least is how I feel. As I know so many others do too.
My Brothers & Sisters..my friends and family and my Dearest husband to be Des,here on social networks,to me is no less feelings of love,than those we share our daily lives with, and some I actually Love more-but differently,share more of my daily life with,know me better than the few people here at my home,as I type these words on my computer,my thoughts,feelings,as I share bits of myself with YOU all here. Love is in my heart,yes it is at times painful,hurtful but is ok because I would rather Love and risk pain,than be numb..not feel anything at all or keep an emotional distance from people in this cyber place-where we share so much of ourselves with each other. Love is not just a word to me,it is a feelings that gives me hope for all humanity,to create unity,caring and sharing both our differences and what we have in common.
To share our Good days and the Bad Days, our Love & Laughter AND Sorrow & Pain..
I think we do not differ so much as it seems. We only put different things in the word. I care for so many here. That I`m sure many should call love. But I do not. My word "like" correspond best to the word "tycker om" in Swedish and that is a strong word to me...even if I have started to understand that it doesn`t mean so much in English, but after having seen the mistreat of the word "Love" on these networks I prefer being "liked" and "cared for" then Loved :)

So many have said they love me, here..:) .I just want to be liked and I want them to care for me as I care for them..
Saying they love everyone probably means they do not know the meaning of the word.. It`s just an empty phrase for so many...
But that is not my problem..;)
well then gunilla i like you very much and really do care about you..smiles:)
That warmed my heart Leah :) I like you too, find you interesting and nice and with "the heart on the right place" *smile*


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