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Jon Stewart!

Awesome stuff...(Click 'continue' if the vid doesn't show here)
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs…

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There is a story about the samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, who once went to a sword polisher's shop to have his blade honed and brightened. At the front of the small business he saw a sign that read, "Souls of the samurai polished here." (It is well known that the sword was considered the soul of a samurai in the culture of the time.)

So Musashi entered. "Hello." He called.

"welcome." said the…


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Free Rice

This is a link to a wonderful page. It quizzes you on your vocabulary, and gets progressively harder as you go through it. For every correct answer you make, world governments will donate rice and other necessities to countries in need.

By the end of a session, you will have learned quite a bit. Your vocabulary will have expanded, and you will have fed someone who really needs help. Its a Win Win.

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Early this morning something happened on iPeace that really made me sit up and take notice. This is a great site with wonderful members who, for the most part, are sincere in their desire to bring about a betterment of our world. We do this through the sharing of insights, news, thoughts, artistry, and opinions...All in a warm environment full of very real love and caring.

Apparently there is also something more floating about too.

I posted this video on Clayclream's… Continue

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Wise Words


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