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The power of love.

I was dead, then alive. Weeping, then laughing. The power of love came into me, and I became fierce like a lion, then tender like the evening star. He said, ‘You’re not mad enough. You don’t belong in this house.’ I went wild and had to be tied up. He said, ‘Still not wild enough to stay with us!’ I broke th...rough another layer into joyfulness. He…


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My Holiday Wish .

"HOLIDAY" — Originally from Old English 'HOLY DAY' — hlig dæg [hlig = holy + dæg = day]

See good in those who pass our way - Inspiration Line

My holiday wish is that we may

See good in those who pass our…


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Let me love you in silent.

Why love is just  a dream?

Why love is so hard in our time ?

Why love  is not true any more ?

Why  we  just pretend that  we love but the true is we do not !!!

Why  we easily  forget who we  loved ?

Why  we  live in this bad  time  now?

Why  in past   time love was better  than  our time now?

Why people  change  so…


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Message from my father,

Now I'm watching over you,

because I cut it way too deep,

don't worry I'm still watching you,

I watch when your asleep,

I know you miss me so much,

and you loved me with all your heart,

but I'm in a better place now,

and you cant tear it apart,

you don't have to worry now,

I'm with some of our relatives,

just don't…


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Ammut, Great of Death, Eater of Hearts, The Devourer...


Ammut (Ammit, Ahemait, Ammemet) was an Egyptian demoness. She was known as the 'Eater of Hearts', 'The Devourer' and 'Great of Death' because she was a demoness of punishment.

She had the head of a crocodile, the body of a leopard and the backside of a hippopotamus - all fierce creatures to the Egyptians. All man-eaters. It's no wonder that she was depicted as one who consumed the unworthy… Continue

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Egypt. the land of civilisation.


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<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos"/></a>

today i become 40 years old

Mody become 40 years

today i feel good and bad

good cuz i am in good health and live in peace with my self

bad cuz i am… Continue

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Inspirational Quote.

Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Your talent is God's gift to you.

What you do with it is your gift back to God.

- Leo Buscaglia -


All men who have achieved great things

have been great dreamers.

- Orison Swett Marden… Continue

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youve got mail

You've Got Mail Pictures, Images and Photos

You just awake... your eyes are still shut

Still cant quite focus.....still draggin your butt

You know you need coffee......can taste that first sip

You wait for the maker.....and put the mug to your lip

The feeling is warm.... just what you need

But you know you need more....and its something to read

The paper you say??? no...dont think so.. not it...

Its much… Continue

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The Book of the Dead

Ancient history, Egypt Pictures, Images and Photos

One of the best preserved copies of The Book of the Dead (known to the ancient Egyptians as prt m hrw 'Coming Forth by Day') comes from 'The Papyrus of Ani', written in 1240 BC. This The Papyrus of Ani version of the book is filled with beautiful pictures of Ani and his wife as they travel through the land of the dead, and to the Halls of Ma'ati and beyond.…


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When to go


Warm all year. Hottest June-September. Negligible rainfall, except on the coast. In April the hot, dusty Khamsin wind blows from the Sahara.


The Islamic calendar is central to Egyptian life. Ramadan, the month of fasting, is an especially significant time.



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The Mosque of Abu Dahab .CAIRO, EGYPT


This mosque is hard to be noticed since it is located next to one of the greatest and most influential mosques of Egypt, the Azhar Mosque. However, paying attention to its design, the Mosque of Abu El Dahab is a unique model of the Ottoman architecture. Moreover, the builder of the mosque has a rather exciting story.


The builder of the mosque is the Amir… Continue

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Nefertiti Pictures, Images and Photos

To those who are not very involved in the study of ancient Egypt, Queen Nefertiti is perhaps better known than her husband, the heretic king Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV). It is said that even in the ancient world, her beauty was famous, and her famous statue, found in a sculptor's workshop, is not only one of the most recognizable icons of ancient Egypt, but also the topic of some modern controversy. She was… Continue

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i want welcome all of you on IPEACE EGYPT .
my new group here on ipeace, hope to join me all .
here we will talk and know more information about Egypt ,everything not just the history but the people and the land and much more
thank you all
best wishes..

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welcome dear friends to my network TRAVEL's LOVERS.


it is my pleasure to see you there on my network

enjoy your time there.

hope you will like it!!!



Visit Travel… Continue

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