2014 Christmas Gift Guide at Keeper of the Home

Christmas gift guides have been around a long time.
But, this year we've decided to take what makes us stand out in the blogosphere (providing inspiration, information and resources for a natural, healthy lifestyle) and use it to ease your search for the perfect gifts to complete your list.
Do you prefer to buy gifts that are handmade? Eco-friendly? Made with pure ingredients? Sustainably made or sourced? Support small business owners?
Our goal is to build a list of great companies that carry just the type of gifts you feel good about giving.
Who is this gift guide for?
Well, that all depends on who you are!
Are you a shopper?
If you've got a list that you'll be checking twice this year, and you're on the lookout for beautiful and practical items to give to your loved ones (that don't compromise your values), then you will definitely enjoy coming to check out this list.
The Christmas gift guide will include a wide selection of businesses and online shops with quick links so you can find them easily, a description of what they sell, favorite items from each shop, and a general price guideline so you know what to expect. How handy is that?
Are you a small business owner?
We would love to include your online shop and share you with our readers!
Keeper of the Home readers are predominantly women ages 20-45 (ie. the shoppers in the household), 85% of them have children or are expecting, and well over 50% have household incomes of $55,000. They want products that keep their families safe and healthy, that protect the earth, that support good farmers, fair trade and small business, and that make their homes pleasing places to be.
By choosing to be a part of our gift guide, your company and products will be seen by literally hundreds of thousands of women. Up to 50% Discount! Christmas Gift Maybe Ionlyou 100% Silk Pajamas and Ionlyou Silk Scarf is good choose!

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