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How to Choose Ionlyou Silk Scarves

Considered a purely utilitarian accessory during certain time periods, the scarf holds an important place in today’s fashion : this small bit of silky or cottony fabric can transform an ordinary outfit into a sophisticated ensemble. It is important to choose this touch of elegance well to avoid making a fashion faux pas. But there are so many models, types, colors and materials, how do you choose the right one ?

Style and circumstances

You may…


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Choose Ionlyou Silk Pajamas and Enjoy Sleeping

You had a busy and long day at work, tired and all you want to do is kick off your heels, take off your business- or working clothes, change into more comfortable wear and sit back on the sofa to relax. And, what can be more comfortable than to enjoy your evening in a soft Ionlyou silk pajamas?

Owing to its smooth surface and its soft feel ion the skin, silk is a very soothing material. It is…


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How Do Choose the Best Matching Pajamas on night?

The key features to look for when choosing matching pajamas are fit, size, colors, and materials. The length and thickness should also be noted if you are looking for something which will keep you warm or cool during the night. Price is another factor you may consider when picking out matching pajamas, although items are available in virtually any price range.

Most matching Ionlyou silk…


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How to Choose Ionlyou 100% Silk Pajamas?

How relaxing it would be to sleep in the privacy of ones home wearing comfortable silk pajamas. Every person has at least one kind of favorite sleepwear that he/she uses almost everyday because it provides that person the freedom to rest as well as to move around just before sleeping. 

1. Think about the environment. It is easy to just choose any drab clothing as sleepwear…


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How to Choose Christmas Gift Ideas for Entire Family



Christmas is the time for joy and happiness and we express this joy through gifts. Every year we have to do a lot of homework and think of what to give to our family members as a Christmas gift. Here are some Christmas gift ideas for entire family.

1. For women

If you are thinking of giving a gift to your wife Ionlyou 100% silk…


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2014 Christmas Gift Guide at Keeper of the Home


Christmas gift guides have been around a long time.

But, this year we've decided to take what makes us stand out in the blogosphere (providing inspiration, information and resources for a natural, healthy lifestyle) and use it to ease your search for the perfect gifts to complete your list.

Do you prefer to buy gifts that are handmade? Eco-friendly? Made with pure ingredients? Sustainably made or…


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About A Men's Guide to Pajamas Online Shopping


In order to celebrate the coming Christmas, Ionlyou silk products will give surprise to all the customer that buy the Ionlyou silk products !As long as you purchase any Ionlyou product and tell me your order number on facebook, we will give you an additional delicate gift for Christmas!




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How Do You Choose the Best Silk Pajamas Online?


Silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids nutrition elements, which can keep the skin moist and smooth if you often wear it. Silk has fine air permeability and moisture absorption,so it can adjust the skin temperature and moisture. Every kind of product has its unique story and exquisite design. The smooth and soft of the silk products can make the skin very comfortable.

You may find many options when shopping for…


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How to Working about DVI to HDMI Cable


DVI stands for "Digital Video Interface." DVI uses a series of pins to send high-quality digital video signals from one source to another. If you look on the back of your computer you'll probably see a DVI port. While this interface provides high visual output, it does not typically provide any audio. If you need to get audio from your computer tower to your monitor, for example, you'll have to attach a separate cable to transfer audio.

High-definition Multimedia Interface…


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A Simple Connection Solution to DVI to HDMI Adapter


If you've ever tried to connect a Digital Video Interface (DVI) source with a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) source, you probably discovered very quickly that the two ports are not compatible with one another. The digital video signals for DVI and HDMI are similar, but you need a DVI to HDMI cable or an adapter in order to transfer the digital data between the ports.

Since the digital video signal…


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Best HDMI cables: watch your show in sharp quality


HDMI Cables are fast becoming popular interface of various home entertainment systems. Now you can find hdmi sockets on almost every type of lcd, plasma, projectors, audio players and home theater system. HDMI cables has the ability to process 1080p high video resolutions at 60 frames per second, as well as 8 digital audio channels with one cable. This digital cable is greatly compatible with HDTV formats, linking the HDTV to…


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How to use your Connecting USB to HDMI


HDMI is the connection used in today’s home entertainment setups. All new HDTVs, DVD players, Blu-Ray players, AV receivers, and most gaming consoles now use HDMI Cable. HDTVs accept Full-HD (1080p) signals only from HDMI connections. It is definitely the preferred way to connect your entertainment system.

Connecting an open USB port to HDMI would be a useful and easy way to hook into your home theater. The bad news is a simple cable…


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How to Find Cheap HDMI Cables Online Shopping


High-definition really increases the picture quality of your devices, but the cost of adding high-definition to your gadgets doesn't end with the HDTV. When you're converting to HD, consider the HDMI cables that you'll need. If you're running a system with a home theater setup and a Blu-Ray player, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, you'll want HDMI cables to get the most out of them. Yes, it really does make a difference.

If your set has fewer HDMI ports than you have devices, you'll…


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When Shopping for an HDMI Cable What You Need Look


When you’re ready to purchase an HDMI Cable, look for the following features:

Gold-Plated Connectors – Gold-plated connectors achieve superior signal transfer.

Shielded Cables – Cables that are fully shielded protect against interferences such as environmental EMI and RFI.

Support for 1080p - Support for high resolutions such as 1080p allows you to get full HD video streams giving you the clearest picture possible today.…


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What does the HDMI Cable 2.0 mean to you


The HDMI technology update fast. The newest version now is HDMI Cable 2.0. The HDMI Forum unveiled the next version of its HDMI standard at the IFA trade show in Berlin. HDMI 2.0, as it is called, will bring people 4K video at higher frame rates than previously possible.

HDMI 2.0, which is backwards compatible with earlier versions of the HDMI specifications, significantly increases bandwidth up to 18Gbps and adds key enhancements to…


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Expensive and Cheap HDMI cables make no difference


Whether or not to buy an expensive HDMI Cable is one of the most contentious subjects on the internet. On pro the side of buying them are home cinema magazines and audiophile websites, which sing the praises of more expensive cables, heralding how they can do remarkable things, such as boosting flesh tones.

On the other side, you have the sceptics that say HDMI uses digital, so all cables are equal. We've always been sceptical about…


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How to Decide What Length HDMI Cable Need Buy


The High Definition Multimedia Interface protocol allows you to run one cable per component for high quality audio and video. While this eliminates much of the rat's nest of cabling normally associated with audio and video installations, you still need to take into account proper HDMI Cable length. Choosing the right cable length for your setup involves determining an acceptable comprise between signal quality, convenience and cost.…


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How to tell DVI-I and DVI-D cables Differences


The Digital Visual Interface (DVI Cables) is a video interface standard designed to maximize the visual quality of digital display devices such as flat panel LCD computer displays and digital projectors. It was developed by an industry consortium, the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG). It is designed for carrying uncompressed digital video data to a display. It is partially compatible with the High-Definition Multimedia…


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The Newest High Speed HDMI Cables with Locking


Listening to the over 150,000 pro installers who use our products exclusively in the commercial Cable TV/Satellite industries, we found that the biggest challenge to HDMI performance and reliability was the connector itself. HDMI connectors can easily loosen and become disengaged in a way not visible to the naked eye, causing errors up to a total loss of signal.

Perfect Path developed and patented the first Locking…


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About Tips to on Choosing HDMI Cables Online


Home entertainment technology has now moved into the digital age, and high-quality connector cables have been developed to keep up with modern TVs, stereos and home theaters. HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) cables offer a single-cable solution for both audio and video on high-definition devices. Most HDTVs offer at least one HDMI input. Devices such as DVD players, Blu-ray players, computers and game consoles have HDMI outputs.…


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