iPeace keeps growing
6400 members in less the 2 weeks from launch

This is incredible, inspiring and uplifting. New members are joining us every day. And they are filling the iPeace space with hundreds of blogs, new groups, their poetry, songs and videos.
We are now more than 6400 Peace People from over 160 countries, and we start to look like a peace force.
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This is how iPeace members are spread all over the world

iPeace Featured Group
Middle East Fireside

iPeace member Roni Segoly has recently created with 4 other moderators (2 Palestinians and 2 Israelis) a unique group - Middle East Fireside. Here's how he describes it:
For long time we wanted to create an environment for members from Middle East (but not only) to discuss issues related to the region. The group will be open to everyone, but we will ask all members to
follow our group guidelines as published here.
We will choose a new topic every month or so, and will open a discussion for that topic, we will do our best to choose a leader for the topic,
someone who is knowledgeable and passionate for this topic and we
really hope it can serve as a quiet and dignified fireside chat room.
Discussions will be limited by time and we will announce in advance how long each one will last.
Please feel free to comment and of course to join any discussion that is ongoing here, this a place to learn and express yourself, not to argue.
iPeace Featured Members
What is your story? We might publish it
Watch the top left corner of iPeace home page. Every week we feature there a story about our members life, project or extraordinary deeds for peace. If you believe that your story will be inspirational to other members, please let us know.
This week we feature Liz Busch's story - Kiddies Corner in Accra.

iPeace Needs Your Help
Things that you can do to help iPeace grow more
We need you, all friends of iPeace, to help us in spreading the word. Forward this email, blog about iPeace, post our banner in your website, broadcast, talks with your family, friends and work
colleagues. The bigger iPeace, the more effective it will be.
Love & Peace

Featured Blog - By Ruach

I find myself dropping into iPeace for a bit of tranquility. I love the connection and communication between friends and the respect that is woven into the very fabric that holds ipeace together.
I do not live in a war zone, neither do I watch the news on TV or read the newspapers. I am not in denial as I know only too well what is going on in the world. But I can not change what is happening 1,000 miles away from me.
I can write as I do believe the pen is mightier than the sword, and write I do !! But what I do is look around me at MY WORLD and this is where I work the hardest. This is where I put my energy.
I work with women's groups, I work with Teenagers, I work with men's groups. I work on myself. I hold onto the belief (tightly) that like a wave of quantum energy, what I create in my world will eventually spread like a pulsating field of potential out to the rest of the planet.
This is what draws me to iPeace. Because to me it feels like a power point. A gathering point of this powerful pulsating force. And when I forget myself sometimes, and my focus becomes distracted, I in drop in here to listen and chat and read an d re-focus my self again.
Thank you David. Thank you all the team Thank you all the members of iPeace.
Thank you Rúach.
smiling again

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Comment by perola on November 2, 2008 at 7:08pm
estou muito angustiada, gostaria muito que o processo de paz tivesse um andamento mais rapido, digo em relação a nós todos mais em particular nos lugares em conflitos que não da mais para esperar.....O Congo.....por exemplo....tem que ter uma interferencia de todos não podemos deixar como se nãopudessemos nada, podemos, somos muitos com a bandeira da PAZ, temos que agir com mais foco....talvez atrvés da midia, .......Oque voce acha David?

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