in the beginning was potential

dark and cold, permeated with inward focus

then warmth slowly suffused

potential awakened, began to swell

then wrinkling moisture saturated

close nutrients turned on and flowed in

and pressure built and built

birth began through a tiny crack

a tender pale arm appeared

driven by the resultant pressure

of rapid multiplying growth

feeling preservation primal urgency

the pale arm drew chemical strength

driving against gravity

breaking rock and compressed soil

to erupt emergent and triumphant

a flag, a limp fist to the world

into life-changing solar rays

into engulfing ambient violent air

totally transformed chemistry

formed different cells, accelerating growth

gulping the rays and the heat

creating a powerful pipe

a tough stem, a juice conduit

protected from the violence

shooting high into the air

fighting for sun, sun, and more sun

projecting the stiffened glorious

sexual bud as a fist of defiance

to mother nature’s delight,

this eye candy to the dominant biped’s sight

continues the annual ritual cycle

drawing earth’s nutrients up

converting them efficiently

and releasing a natural perfume bi-product

this marvelous magical factory

finally receives the signal from Mother

to release, to reproduce, to show the best

the resilient fist atop the stem

explodes in delicate glory, presents itself

with sexual organs spread wide

pistol and stamen stand above

glorious brightest color soft blanket petals

water repellant and violence resistant

inviting hungry, celebrating insects to

sweet coated candy nectar

giving and receiving in an orgy

of open essence exchange

when purpose is complete

when essence is formed and once again

is inward focused and shell hardened

when the soft bright pillows serve no purpose

they wither and drop away

the shell is loosened to travel

by wind, by animal to a new place

by happenstance, chaos directed

to a place where nutrients are fresh

and hope is strong

to a place where autumn winds

will bury and enclose in protective darkness

where zen patience and potential

await a new beginning

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