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Peace and Love

reach inside with meditation

an early morning preparation

to greet the world with peace and love

so that a smile my face will crease

reach inside with meditation

for those who feel a separation

the homeless need someone on their side

to help them build inward pride

reach inside with meditation

for those who face their own creation

with bodies fighting illness

send them waves of healing wellness

reach inside with… Continue

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Crossing The Bridge (in a Japanese Garden)

I stand alone and inhale deeply

freeing myself from stress and worry

in this conservative, reverent place.

the cool morning air brings

a moist, earth-rich dark soil smell

to fill my lungs.

a gentle breeze shakes dew drop sprinkles

onto my shaved head.

I am at peace with the Mother.

a shallow trench worn

through the center of a large stone

by a thousand years of foot traffic

along this stroll-garden path.

I am humbled and… Continue

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PEACE MAY FIND ITSELF, an evolution rant


mighty macrocosmic


amino acid-triggered zipper.

the gregarious mysterious

geometric gene structure.

the product of

intelligence directed

random dispersed

unnatural and natural selection

survival of the necessary

card-shuffling DNA/RNA reticulation

using microcosmic, microscopic

chemical powered

organic computers

of unfathomable

science-defying complexity and power

bearing… Continue

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hurt, apology, forgiveness


if our life goal is to lead a proud,

productive and successful life,

and minimize regrets at the

moment of our passing,


love, balance, tolerance,

honesty, forgiveness,

and patience are tools

we need.


a hurt upsets our

moral balance.

it places a burden

on the receptor, the person hurt,

and on

the instigator, the person causing the hurt.

it IS regardless of

the… Continue

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The Sexual Cycle

in the beginning was potential

dark and cold, permeated with inward focus

then warmth slowly suffused

potential awakened, began to swell

then wrinkling moisture saturated

close nutrients turned on and flowed in

and pressure built and built

birth began through a tiny crack

a tender pale arm appeared

driven by the resultant pressure

of rapid multiplying… Continue

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Our Love Ages

I, your impecunious cantankerous lummox hold the belief

that aimless ambivalence is the unsanctioned thief

of time’s tortuous thoughtless tole

on both our bodies and our souls

as we teeter on the derogatory precipice

of an age-worn, second-hand appearance

as salubrious nourishment consumption is no longer

clearly making us energetic and stronger

as my lucid cogitation is frequently… Continue

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through millions of years as tribal nations

where violence was used for domination,

genetic memory played a hand

deep inside the minds of man.

from days when aggression was the test

for those who would rule the rest,

when man was not the food chain top,

and no one considered killing should stop.

in that age with no written history

man evolved survival chemistry.

aggressive behaviors start to show

when adrenalin starts to… Continue

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Hunger for Now

hunger lives a passionate paradigm.

hunger, beyond life-giving-food

is passionate desire. It

burns, builds, overwhelms, and consumes.

it rises and motivates to action a

fleeting, beating, heart-racing, pacing,

then is satisfied and

recedes to another time

wasteful, life-eating apathy reigning

before it burns and consumes again.

a hunger is personal, self-absorbed.

too often obsessive.

too often regressive.

I… Continue

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Love's Polarity

a spirit abandoned and crying for help

pierced with rotten thoughts and stinkin’ thinkin’

scarred with negative nasty love wounds

drunk on bitterness and fatal futility

a demeanor demanding both disgust and compassion

a fickle malodorous black bubble gum heart

pumping perilous painful acid through armored veins

her history reads like a battlefield war zone

this thorn on the stem of a lovely rose

flawed with conflicted chaotic imbalance

looking… Continue

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Truth Lies

truth lies wherever we surmise

truth is weak and easy to tweak

truth is illusive for those who are abusive

truth is power for those in a tower

truth is not why wars are fought

truth is subjective and rarely an objective

truth and deception may get the same reception

truth is useful when it’s needful

truth manipulators are rarely consolators

truth gives fits to political pundits

truthful admissions are not for politicians

truthless people… Continue

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Glorious Symbol of Peace

Onto this gray and blue earth comes violent life-affirming weather. Into our lives a gray, wet symbol of dreary and sad emotions, of introspection, of reverent awe, and of humble recognition of our true tiny role in the cosmos.

Above this green and sparkly earth, driven by our yellow/white sun’s light and rain in joyous harmony together comes an optical phenomena, an ethereal arc of light refracted through water droplets. A magical floating spectrum chandelier made of tiny crystals… Continue

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