Afraid, Says She

Afraid, says she…what is this meaning?
I must be the judge of out what I’m seeing

Trust yet again placed upon her intellect
She remains in control, the one to select

Between this man and that one, she picks the cast
The mission always to improve upon her past

Caught on she has, to many forms of the game
But, does she see that hers are the same?

But, on with her insistence, declaring the differences matter
not hearing ALL of it yet as cacophonous chatter

And, did I hear that right? She said what and he did that?
Where did I put my metaphorical bat?

Justice, she’ll renew, justice, she’ll ensnare
Why must everything be so unfair?

She’s seen these patterns many times in her life
A diminishing soap opera of constant strife

So she concocts up her brew, seeking her escape
She’ll accept her anesthetic in any shape

A new man, a new idea, a vigilante she’ll become
She’s always in control; she’ll stop the mindless run

Of the lemmings, her flock, of which she’s in the lead
Never equal in her judgments, she’s a different breed

But, not knowing her self, not knowing her grace
Past stories and future worries still darken her face

Fear blots out her inner eyes and leaves her for dead
While she sees herself as a boob or as a colorful head

I must still fix this, and I must still fix that
Such a beautiful woman, frantic as a rat…

And, if she beheld this image within her mirror
She might also see her own humor

Or, feel depressed and anxious, most of them do
When will she cease valuing the “foo foo?”

A context is desired, a way to be
Permitting her simply to be happy

But the answer is real; it has always been there
Behind the changing facade of her colored hair

A renewal non-religious, awaits her recognition
An effortless acceptance, call it inspired intuition

But for this to BE, she must release the past and future
Only NOW remains as the prime-time feature

But, does this make sense? How can this be?
Esoteric nonsense can’t set her free…

More brooding then is home, where she feels her familiar
She’ll attempt yet again, alas even to kill her…

Self that is not really fooled by this child’s game
That serves one purpose: to keep her insane

Seek but DO NOT find, her hidden motto yet unknown
She languishes in these thoughts - her disparate home

Men aren’t the enemy, and not women either
Afraid like this, she really sees neither

Yet, but she will, in her silence, and in a moment know
Fear and her strained control doesn’t make the show

What it is, what a dream, all illusions are equal
Her inner eyes NOW see past the sequel

And what departed was easy, the idea that she could judge
In that old self-awareness, she couldn’t even budge

Or escape her self-hatred and her imminent demise
A mere and easy thought opened her inner eyes

She said goodbye to her delusions, she’s now free, without a care
What efficacy remains with her colored hair?

To manage her perceptions and, of course, theirs
She’s abandoned the former need to put on heirs

Condemning no one anymore, no one has to be wrong
For her to be grace and sing this easy new song…

Now about the author, a dark wizard or savior seen in vain
But within neither pole will I take claim

Upon this mysterious alignment to what is and will be
A time nearing ever quickly where we all shall, in equality, see

That it doesn’t really matter, just chill out and laugh
Awake now, why argue? there is nothing to grasp

A controversy you’ll surely find if that is your will
But, will you see my friend - that’s the point of this swill?

Real power and escape resides in your thought
Accept your spirit as self and you won’t be caught

In your own nonsense, your games, your perceptions of hell
Let it go friend I gently say, but I will never yell…

In non-time I reside, but yes sometimes here
Where fear seems to vie for your thoughts to steer

A belief held solemn returns experience multi-fold
A boomerang is the nature of the self-ideas you hold

Forgive it all by forgetting, accept it all with grace
What other than a smile may then be resident on your face?


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Comment by Nash on November 6, 2008 at 7:02pm
thank you -:)
Comment by Nicholas Truske on November 6, 2008 at 6:03pm
thank you dear poetic teacher :-)
Comment by Nash on October 25, 2008 at 12:58am
thanks, very kind -:)

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