1) I don't like labels,okay so in order to write this I may need to use some "labels",lol
2) I love historical romance novels,especially if author's historical facts are accurate.
3) my closest friends call me Pixie
4) I enjoy learning new things,meeting new people,different cultures than
mine & I embrace & Love diversity,always have.

5) Am happy I joined iPeace..love it here, has renewed my faith in humanity !
6) I mostly prefer the company of animals,especially my dear kitties
7) I have been unable to work since 2007. I miss it,as I worked for non profit groups & Loved it !
8) I am considered pagan..I respect all peoples choices of religion and expect the same respect.
9) that said I dislike anyone attempting to "convert" me or push their beliefs upon me,as I would never do!
10) I love nature & am saddened by it's destruction. Respect our Mother Earth.
11) I dislike drama and negativity,learned long ago to turn negatives to
positives.I avoid negative people that no matter what situations in life are thrive on drama & negativity. Although I do help with gentle guidance,those who are open to it..

12) I am a cyber activist,advocate and community organizer.
13) I strive to be the best person I can be..and then some.
14)I  Have always had a great interest in ancient history & civilizations,as well as geneology.
15) I'm a proud Tree huger :)
16) am a hippie in my soul & heart
17) I have 1 son who is 31yrs. old, OMG ! 31 !!, I also raised 2 stepsons from kindergarten to high school.
18) my 1st grandson was born in Japan & have never met him, he is 11yrs. old now.
19) I have "adopted" my son's ex girlfriend and is my Daughter, in every way but blood. and is Mother to my 7yr. old grandson Landon &  baby Jaydon arrived 5-21-09
20) I can communicate with animals, since was a wee lass, thought everyone could.lol, learned as got older people thought it was weird..(some still do)
21) I am an empath& telepath.Yikes! often not pleasant feeling/seeing images of others thoughts & feelings.
22) have had dreams since childhood of events before they happen, still do. Is sometimes scary,but am not scared.
23) I have had a long strange journey in my life,never regret any experience,as all has led me to be who /where I am.
24) I dislike question of race on forms, I always write "Human" or "Mutt" ,lol.
25) I am called an American,cuz I was born here, but consider myself a world citizen.I feel most connected to my Lakota & Scottish heritage.
One world One peeps ! would love to see an end to borders and become one world!

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Comment by mody Ibrahem on November 1, 2009 at 7:29am
that is very interested to know about you Leah ,
i am impath person too ,and i feel good about that
havegreat day ,
thank you very much for sign my guestbook , it is sweet of you
and i love your photo there too
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Comment by professor angelicus on June 5, 2009 at 9:40pm
Enjoyed reading your Random Things!

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