I wish you allow me (I already did) to publish three videos, you must not necessarily hear-read-see them, but I did it from my heart. is not a first quality image, and so on so forth, but includes laughter and message to mr SIR James Paul McCartney. I have a feeling it is VERY important the man will listen to these videos, or a slight part of the third one (or first one) where also my gratitude is shown up.
I hope you are all right all of you.
Whenever I have tranquility enough and time for that (perhaps partnership, like Katalin offered me in Tibet in My Sou, and Ilona, in UNIFICATION PROJECT, will you check in my TAZAMUSIC SALES SPACE where there will be a link for buying my cds.
First of asll, before helping Biafra with money I have the obligation to help myself first. Everything I do, I do it for love. But if I don't eat and sleep correctly, and have love correctly, one will persih.
I dedicate these videos to Unification projact, most basically to I PEACE, they were recorded as an answer in gratitude for a video from the man that created the peace Day 21st, as I understood.
So let us stop talking and show you the video. tha part one is here, there are two other parts you just open my youtube taza55, or click on the others. Love for all of you, thank you from my very heart. Love. peace, Joy. PS If anyone can conenct me with Sir James, I would love it. greetings from John to him.

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