Abuse - a real story by our own dear Robby on 15,000 Stories

ROBBY tells poetry, she keeps our spirits high. Lately she has been THE writer of the group.
But here, she writes in another tone, another out-of-key sad music.
Come read her private tale of the "lollie" she was given....to not tell, to be silent.....
It took courage to write this poem of such impact - another side of Robby we hadn't known, not to this depth.
Thanks Robby for sharing.

Oh Lollie I Thought was Their Kindness
Oh Lollie Did tell me Not Tell
Oh Lollie I Ate with My Blindness
Oh Lollie I Thought was Not Hell

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Comment by Leah D (Pixie) on October 30, 2009 at 4:23pm
I have read this poem by Robby and a lot more in discussions on gunilla's groups. I have been writing bits here and there of my personal stories of child sexual abuse. First time EVER in such an open public forum. I did so the first time because a member of a group had written very open,details of his abuse story,then replid to his self. I did not want him to feel "alone" so,as difficult as it was for me to do,I wrote a bit of mine. Fron there many others began to open up and write about their personal abuse stories. We became a family. We understood each other. Because who better to understand,share,support,love, accept & respect each other in such a way than other survivors? As time went on the suffering child within each of us changed. We started to laugh,giggle and Play! We allowed our wounded inner child to embrace & enjoy life, friendship" adopted" chosen family & indulge the little boys & girls inside us to have the loving,safe playful childhood that we were not given as children..together! and We still do.
Some wounds & invisible bruises may never heal, but hugging,loving & playing together in a safe environment DID and is still helping us to heal. When one of us is having a bad day,or something causes a "trigger" to our pain,we are there for each other,to love,listen,understand and support one another.
Peace truly does start from within each of us ! So, healing & supporting each others broken, tarnished wounded inner child is just but another step closer to true world Peace!
Don't You think so? I know I do.
Thank you dearest Sista' Robby for bravely sharing this poem! and to Stephanie for adding it in part , on this blog!
Love Peace Hugs & Respect
a smile too..

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