I work in a retail store, behind their jewelry counter, not Tiffanys or anything just a department store. I am aware at this time of year how many diamonds are being sold. I was unaware until recently about conflict zones where diamonds are obtained through illegal and immoral means. It was a huge shock to me that such things go on, people being used as slaves and being maimed to profit these huge corporations! But then there are the sweatshops in all areas of the world that people seem to look right poast without blinking.This is unacceptable, having children either being forced to work as slaves or being paid so little its almost the same thing.

I watched "Blood Diamond" maybe not 100% accurate but close enough to the truth! How terrible that people must suffer so in order to provide us with a few trinkets. I looked into my own shop's dealers, they have papers claiming that aour diamonds come from "conflict-free" zones but how can they be so sure? I feel bad even selling the stuff and I get paid minimum wage and all myself. But some of these children work twelve hour days in vile conditions for pennies so who am I to complain? I cant do a whole lot to help the people in the zones, but I can refuse to buy items I think might be made by sweatshops or imported from conflict zones. Try to buy fair-trade coffe/cocoa and other fabrics if possible. All small things but we must at least try!

If anyone has any info on this subject please let me know, I would like to learn better ways to help or at least not be part of the problem.

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Comment by Cindy on March 31, 2009 at 4:39am
Thats true, hopefully something will come up soon...
Comment by Kelly on March 30, 2009 at 7:41pm
Yes, the diamond industry is weird, and definitely has a dark side. And now, it's possible to manufacture diamonds, which are as good as the real thing...so maintaining the "value" of natural diamonds is not done by purely "natural market forces."

My overall, long term solution is that we must raise living standards universally. My work is about how to do that. And I mean universally, from people living on less than a dollar a day, to people working in sweatshops, to people in first world countries, who'd like to earn more, in more satisfying creative ways...all the way up to people with ambitions to make $100s of thousands or $millions a year.

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