Creative Power at Work

Do you know that your creative Power is always „switched ON“?
Do you know that your fantastic Creative Power is working every moment of your day, and of your night as well?


Every thougth, idea, reflection and consideration are Intentions that you send into the Quantum Field (the Ocean containing all the Possibilities already existing in a latent state)…

Each one of these Intention is switching ON the Possibility reflecting that thought, idea, reflection or consideration…
The Emotions that the Intender feels are stimulating the Possibility into its Manifestation…

The stronger the Emotions, the bigger the Stimulation, and consequently the Energy created in order for the Possibility to manifest itself in our Reality.

Do you follow me?

Do you understand the procedure of Creation?

Easy and clear, isn’t it?

When a person is treated with despotism, racism, denigration, hate, violence, what do you think are the emotions felt by that person, that victim?
Despotism, racism, hate, etc…, are all caracteristics of Separation, which is the contrary of LOVE…

When a person is convinced that life is hard...
When a person is convinced that she is surrounded with scaring situations and people...

The emotions this person would feel, could be of fear, inferiority, victimization, injustice, rage, hate, etc…, all very strong feelings…
These emotions are also all reflecting Separation, which is not LOVE…

Which kind of Possibilities do you think these Emotions are going to switch ON?

It is said that if you want Peace you have to BE Love…

Unfortunately, because these Emotions are switching ON only Possibilities of Separation, they won’t be able to create Love, nor Peace…

Recent translations (more accurate) of ancient prayers recorded in Aramaic, the language of the Essenes (the scribes of the Dead Sea Scrolls) give a new interpretation of the biblical version of “Ask and you shall receive”…
Here is the condensed original text of King James Version of the Bible:

“All things that you ask straightly, directly…
From inside My name-
You will be given.So far you haven’t done this…
So ask without hidden motive and
Be surrounded by your answer-
Be enveloped by what you desire, that your gladness be full.”
(~ “The Divine Matrix” by Gregg Braden ~)

Do you understand now, why for a person living in a spiral of negativity it is so hard to create POSITIVITY?

Now, that you are aware about your Creative Power,
which is ALWAYS switched ON,
you can consciously decide how and what to create!
You are the Intender,
Creation is always working!

Your choice (intention) is needed,
If you want Peace…
Choose Peace!

Love, Light & Peace


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Comment by Becki on March 27, 2009 at 12:52am
Thank you, Sarah. Beautifully put truth.
I choose peace, love, light.

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