Dear all non-English speakers
Please....don't be afraid
of your written English here on iPeace. The place where you can express what you feel, and not be criticized for your English is RIGHT HERE on this website.
In America, many people do NOT speak any other language, only English. So if your first language is Arab, or French, or Portugese, or Turkish, you are working hard to learn other languages, and that is great! If you want to write anything, just DO IT. It is so important for all of our voices to be heard!!!
The more a person travels, the more you become accustomed to how to talk and write so that other nationalities can more easily understand you. If I want to say "I don't get it", it will be understood by more foreigners if I write "I don't understand it." But if you make a mistake in English, most people here will put an effort in understanding your words, and will honesty TRY, since we are all here to know people from all over the world and to hear each other's viewpoints.
So.....PLEASE write what you can, and don't worry about the mistakes. It is definintely not important. The important thing is that everyone here has a voice that should be heard. And that means YOU TOO!!

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