No, most likely not. Ive been playing FIFA 15 on my 360 since december and although its been fun at times, most of the times its been frustrating as hell. First of all trading is harder on it if you like bin sniping. The interface loads slower on 360 and since the markets are combined, it will be extra hard to buy Fifa 16 coins in the beginning.

You cannot set player instructions before a game and thats very important to me since it can mean i win instead of lose. Sure i can do it during the match but most of the time its bugged and the instructions reset by itself. I often get laggy games as well, but im not sure if its my fault or not. The gameplay is stiff and unenjoyable. When i look at videos of people on new gen everything looks completely smooth and less frustrating.

EA will only focus on new gen with their games since thats where most of their audience is. They dont have the time to fix things on old gen so its very likely it'll be just as bad or maybe even worse than this year. Id wait if i were you. When the game is out look for reviews on old gen and look for someone that talks about the interface as well, not just the game. Wait a few weeks, new bugs could arise and if you buy it after the 1st day you might regret it. Anyway, those are my 2 cents but whatever decision you make will be right as long as youre having fun, after all thats what games are for.

This right here. I know people say this type of thing every year and never do it but seriously, if adding woman into fifa will be the only upgrade from fifa 15 to 16 then I'm not going to bother. And no i don't believe their improved defending trailer. That's exactly what they said for FIFA 14. FIFA 15 has been a fuck up. FIFA 11 and 13 have been my favourites.

The only way EA could even make me even consider getting the next game is by improving pro clubs which doesn't seem to be happening any time soon. This is the first year where i haven't been excited for the next instalment since by now i already know EA won't do shit

i really don't have enough money for a new console... yet, but if I trade in my 360 on a deal I only need to earn $X to afford FIFA 16 Presentation. I'm sure I can earn that in the next month with a part-time job helping people ... or something like that.
If you really want a new Xbox One in the next month, or so, you could get one. You have the power amigo ;)
Good luck!

Honesty just sell the Xbox 360 and buy a PC. You can easily build a more powerful PC than next gen consoles for only about $400 that'll be future proof too.

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