Wallpaper and floor interior decoration of the two main characters are, where green wallpaper, and cork flooring is becoming wallpaper and floor family star. Professionals suggest that green wallpaper, and cork flooring as the use of appropriate, will be able to freely create a personalized home style. Green wallpaper wallpaper is the new darling of the new darling of the modern home decoration, it is not only beautiful, durable, full of artistic sense, but also to our lives comfortable and cozy feel, the election of the wallpaper is the key to enhance the taste and style of the home. Under requirements of environmental protection, people demand more and more wallpaper. The new environmental protection wall antioxidative wood treads outdoor wallpaper using natural, less pollution, paper timber, and micro-suspension PVC resin, from the production technology, processes and the use of terms, PVC resin, lead and benzene and other harmful ingredients, compared with other chemical building materials, wallpaper is A relatively non-toxic. With a variety of new decorations introduced to the market, the wallpaper is also increasingly introduce new varieties and colors, variety.

With floral patterns from nature-based floral wallpaper series, can give people a warm feeling of intimacy, creating a comfortable living space comfortable, popular urban women welcome. Some have used green wallpaper single white-collar women are saying: "Who says life can only be a single color dress home with monotonous white wall is always just blooming color wallpaper and furniture with unique together, still can bring belong to one?? People living atmosphere. " In addition to flowers series wallpaper, in addition to brick, wood relief foam, abstract geometric patterns and other environmental wallpaper for owners to choose different needs. Close contact with the cork floor after a busy day, a lot of people after the first thing is to take off your shoes home, put on comfortable slippers, there are many people like to walk barefoot at home. Therefore, in addition to the family can be tiled floor, the more people tend to shop wooden floors.

Among the wooden floor, cork flooring is the darling of the floor, cork flooring with a temperature performance, partly because of its internal structure honeycomb arrangement, the spacing between the balloon is filled with hand cork itself has low conductivity sex. When people walk on the cork floor, both feet in contact with the ground, cork flooring can gently how to build deck benches with backs Africa suck foot floating above. In addition, cork flooring is unique in terms of filtered indoor noise, can eliminate noise and reducing friction, thereby extending the life of the floor today, the average family can afford the price of wood flooring. When it comes to the floor interior designer, she said: "With the people's cultural level increase, more people know how to enjoy life at home and laying of the floor, adding shaggy carpet, or plus settee cushion, they can own and. any stretch of the family to create a comfortable space."

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