FREE APRIL GRIFFIN (POEM) By Antoinette Denise Johnson


Feel in your hearts your freedom today!
Reality is, April does not feel this way!
Excuse corruption? That's what we won't do!
Exceptional outrage is what I ask of you!
Abused, misused, violated and mistreated!
Prayers to God are so urgently needed!
Raped by a "man" she gave her trust to!
Inescapably raped again by a system made to “shield” you!
Life locked down, without her children and for what?
God only knows why this structure is so corrupt!
Reality is the system has the snowball effect on these plots!
Injustice, is something that can actually be bought!
Forget whatever it was that you have been taught!
Forget that we are innocent until our guilt is proven!
Injustice for April's Innocence is what they're pursuing!
Needed signers of this petition, let’s help get her out of these hellish conditions

Please follow the link below to sign this petition to free an innocent mother who was beaten by the father of her baby, choked almost to death in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
She called the police and she was the one arrested, and beaten by the cops, paralyzed, and jailed for several months.
There is violation after violation, being done, and we need people with compassion in their hearts to please go to this website and sign this petition on her behalf. There are so many facts that I am leaving out, as the story is very complicated. But once you know the facts. Blatant disrespect, and police brutality, and corruption are all very crystal clear, among so many other issues.
This is a major case of blaming the victim to the extreme. There is so much more to the story, visit
FREEAPRILGRIFFIN, or Angels For April on ISEECOLOR for more information on this case

Thank you All & God Bless You!

~~Antoinette Denise Johnson~~

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Comment by Antoinette Denise Johnson on April 7, 2009 at 9:07pm
Thank you Jahsi, i appreciate the love and support!~God Bless You!~Antoinette
Comment by Antoinette Denise Johnson on April 7, 2009 at 9:06pm
Thank you Spiral Impact for your support and suggestions. I have already suggested that President Barack Obama be notified. I appreciate you taking the time to help out, but most of all to care. God Bless You & Yours!~
Antoinette Denise Johnson poet/author "VICTIM! VICTORIOUS!"
Comment by Spiral !mpact on March 21, 2009 at 8:01pm

Thank you for this "heads up". I signed and shared the petition.
Keep up the good work! God has clearly blessed you with the "heart language" (poetry) to penetrate the psychology that allows for such injustice. I recommend Michelle Obama (our 1st Lady) be made aware of this.
Peace, Love and Partnership!

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