It is amazing how rich it is to be here.

One day I got to enter the life of a person who is here in my corner of google..., and led me to an internet place that could make an author out of me, practically speaking. Anuraghi is here, he is there also.

The site publishes a book with my lyrics if I wish... and I really do, but how to make it, I guess.

And site, Clube dos Autores, might be Author's Club, connected me with... NING. So, there is a NING author's club, Clube de Autores, or dos autores.

All this is blowing my mind off. It is amazing, I HAVE to put my mind inside and out of the way for a while, and keep on making things here and there.

yesterday I have opened a group in UNIFICATION PROJACT where I intent to publis a CD demonstration CD called UNO.
It is part of it in entry of My page on UNIFICATION PROJECT. You might have a look.
I wonder if this sound-word Projact do exist... (laughter).

I can't be so synthetic, but sometimes I wish I could be really direct and synthetic. Usually I can't.

perhaps I need a kind of translator.

I remember the saying about Georges Gurdjief, a great master... he was as great as uncapable of being synthetic, I have heard. P. D. Ouspenski, his forst disciple, or one of them, he was a great author and mathematician... he could expose Gurdjieff's thoughts on life and existence in a more soft manner that people could understand.

Buda HAD to speak a lot, knowing perfectly well that people wouldn't easily understand what he was talking about.

Lao Tsu knew perfectily well that words do no contain the truth when they are told...
He never wrote a single book except one: TAO TE KING - he made it by pressure from the emperor.

Tertium organum was written by Ouspenski explaining about the difficulties some people have on expressing ina differeent way other people do.

There was a way of thinking called ORGANUM, and another called SECOND ORGANUM and ther came Ouspenski with one idea: TERTIUM ORGANUM.

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