You can't locate your twin flame because there is no such thing as a twin flame.

Every match is made in heaven. Every encounter, even the most trivial, including this correspondence is made in heaven. "Heaven' is the state of mind that intimately recognizes/accepts that the universe is always and in all ways conspiring in one's favor. All brothers and sisters are equally important. And, there is nothing accidental or random in what 'is.'

I have tried to explain through teaching, blogs, and how i live my life, that there is no such thing as the 'one.' But, this idea is scary for most because many seem to feel this immense hole (feeling of separation) and they seem to essentially look for a "special" human being or collection of them to fill it. This special human being does NOT exist or you might say that the idea of specialness exists equally in every human being we are each privileged to encounter in our lives.

Stepping into this realm of understanding may be described as an 'allowing' because one does not make love or do love; the experience of love is essentially you taking down your walls that block you from recognizing love's presence in everything. The principal wall in the cellular layer of humanity that blocks your awareness of love is guilt. Guilt can only exist within the realm of perceptions - meaning the degree to which you are convinced, in any moment, that what you see in the mirror is the entirety of you. The realm of perceptions depends on a past and a future. If neither the past nor the future are describable beyond the use of perceptions (meaning everyone has their own view), they are equally unreal because no person can have a monopoly on 'truth' (including me). This is one of the reasons why NOW is all there is. Part of you understands what I'm saying.

Each person is equally deserving of your love being a part of you. Through what criteria could we parcel off what is us? Confusion, conflict, and war are dependent on the mind's attention to defining these criteria. The question then is simple, which do you want conflict or peace, delusions or reality?

If your answer is peace and reality, then simply accept that you are standing among your equals, versions of yourself. These equals are whole, innocent, and entirely perfect - like you. Humans love to talk about equality, they love to complain about it too, but VERY few really desire it or live it. Instead of equality, they prefer their levels, their categories, their special relationships...then they set off to believe/find these things...and when they do, they wonder why they are stressed, confused, unsatisfied and perpetually unhappy.

Q: If it is unreal, Nash, how can they find that which they seek?
A: They can't really but they can make delusions and assign them the value of truth or reality (to them). Truth and reality, however, are something else and are undamaged by our delusions.

Q: But, I'm sure there must be a twin flame because you just don't understand - are you sure there isn't one?
A: Your twin flame is NOT another person. Your twin flame is you happily marrying your male and female sides within yourself, becoming whole. Do this, then see who comes into your life, enjoy that person and the relationship but never forgetting that all people are equally important.

Q: Interesting Nash, but what does this have to do with peace?
A: Until you (the reader), identifies and releases your personal fiction, peace will not be either recognizable or experienced. You are surrounded by peace, yet you would replace this awareness with your preferences, your judgments, and would demand that the universe (that is incomprehensible to you) conforms to your definition of what 'is' including peace - yet this is not, never was, and never will be how peace is attained. If you see past the offense that your ego has sustained from my words, reread what I wrote. If you can't, realize that you are fine, continue forward -:)


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