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Money in personal finance have fund portfolio investment function, this is the balance no treasure.What is a fund portfolio,LV Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases
it is to have no time to manage assets of Grosvenor LTD handsome, Bai Fu do an "asset allocation", vernacular to understand just don't put the eggs in one basket.To easily obtain a higher return on investment.
Portfolio investment is more suitable for what money?
Buy fund is different from buying stocks, fast forward quickly, choose the fund purpose is in order to win over rising prices, is not long term short shot.Usually, Chanel Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases there are two conditions for fund portfolio, it is you have a spare cash, long period without, liquidity requirements is not high.Second, after thinking about pension, housing, Louis Vuitton Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Cases children education with a lot of money.Money in personal finance can correspond to your level of risk and financial conditions to recommend the best fund portfolio investment scheme.
Money in personal finance "financial value added" APP interface (as shown in figure) :
Money in personal finance portfolio returns?
The old combination:
On August 8, 2014 - April 3 financial value-added 58.48% equity portfolio returns
New combination:
On January 1, 2015 - April 3 financial value-added 34.56% equity portfolio returns
On January 1, 2015 - April 3rd Long-term equity index returns 36.79%
Income is very handsome!Search "money in private banking" mobile application platform, CHANEL SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4 CASES you can download the client APP, only need to spend a few minutes to get investment in this matter.Don't delay your work and life, also don't delay to do other things.
Money of assets in the balance of personal finance and treasure account as safe?

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