Midnight Moonlight Refrain (E.S.T.)

3 years and 4 months ago...

O U.S.A. Can You Hear Me?

U.S.A… trinity diversity university destiny
It was not that they wanted to destroy
They were showing us… how? Do we even
Count things that don’t exist? Calories...
from food.. Dollars and sense?
NO… All there is is a letter 'O'
the water in the sea.
You and me… a world away… on vacation
Twin towers came crashing down I now know
Because we can’t even count to ten
911! Fire! 911! 1 + 1 = 2, OO, 2
Worlds collided… that more than 3,000
Died is only a drop in empty buckets
I will… that you had not had to empty
Them for the U.S.A… I in retrospect,
Though respectfully… thank you for ending me
I wish now that they had not died… but
They did… die that is… killed by you
So that we may see a sea of faces smiling…

”Dreaming by Light of Moon”

something that i felt today
tells me that i
have gone too far astray
and with that knowledge
i must try
to show you that i
have been doing right

today has past
yet the feeling lasts
the die is cast
the light's fading fast

i must prove to you
that i have been true
i must prove this to you
by the light of the moon

so now i lay me down to sleep
i pray to Him that you won't leave
but if you should and i awake
i hope tomorrow will be the day
that again i finally see your face

for the only time i see you it seems
is when i sleep, in my dreams
so far away, yet you seem so close
when at night i shut my eyes and doze
only but a single dose
of you- the reality of the path i chose

the mistakes i've made
the plans i've laid
the moments dear
my future... so near
but only when i doze...

so now i lay me down to sleep
i pray to Him that you won't leave
but if you should and i awake
i hope tomorrow i'll see your face

and as i lie here broken down
i think of you and in tears i drown
back to sleep, or so it seems
i only see you in my dreams

why must you be so far away?
what did i do that brought me here?
what was it i did yesterday
that left me drowning in tears in fear
that the tomorrow i dream of
might never come?

the light breaks softly over a mountain top
i turn and toss then... flop
face-down on my pillow i lie
as i awake and again i hear myself cry
why do i keep seeing you in my dreams

when tonight
and every night thereafter
i'll feel you nigh
i'll hear your laughter
but only when it can't be real
by light of moon as i replay the reel?

it seems there's nothing i can do
no way, no chance, no time to prove
the things i dreamt i did for you
as i lay asleep by light of moon

last night, i know, i laid down to sleep
and again i pretended that you didn't leave
and again you did as i awoke
and today i won't see your face... i know

but tonight, again, i'll drift to sleep
and as i do again i'll dream
i'll dream again that i can prove to you
that i love you by the light of the moon

so hear me say
so watch me dream
i'll dream away
then awake and scream

why must i lie?
why must i awake every day and cry?
for you
i saw you last night
but only by the light of moon
in my dreams...
i cry for you..

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