not only have sparkling layered phenomenon may also

two big bowls of 30 ℃-40 ℃ added two teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to warm water, one teaspoon of white vinegar, with a soft-bristle brush dipped into the solution, carefully scrub the surface of the sandal. Attention when cleaning do not use shoes go into solution, and try not to let the shoe dipping too much solution. The shoe surface wash, and then with a soft bristle brush dipped in water to scrub the shoes surface 1-2, with old towels to fully dry shoes on the water, and put it in a cool place to dry. Fabric sandal cream  air jordan 6 retro uk wash with the popularity of garden wind, denim fabric, blue Calico cloth, cloth surface with a beaded Sandals a bout. All kinds of oil on canvas sandals, to take extra care when cleaning care to prevent deformation and discoloration. Oil on canvas Sandals do not wash, because once clean water not only have sparkling layered phenomenon may also

wash out vamp molding with glue, making the shoe gives. If a vamp has picked up a minor oil, use a small amount of dishwashing detergent, when diluted with water, with a soft cloth dipped in, twist half dry wipe, you will remove most stains. If after cleaning the phenomenon of sparkling layered on canvas and can be covered with white cloth on vamp, pressing clothes irons at 80Or so, at the foam air jordan 4 retro uk parts for 5-10 seconds, which can be restored, repaired for at least an hour to get to wear, because after a hot iron, cooling within one hour of glue can cure, sandals not only shape. Sandals are "dormant" how to maintain?Sandals is indispensable for babes in summer fashion, "weapons", and as the weather cools, it finally can "guard break". In order to extend the life of sandals, in front of the store, you should do some maintenance, focusing on the stain, mildew, preventing

dryness and prevent warping. Step one: sandal different stains from leather uppers with different cleaning methods cannot be wiped with a damp cloth, but cannot be dipped in water, otherwise it will damage the surface coloured pulp, also makes leather hard, deformed. For light leather sandals, available with color Polish on a soft cloth dampened with a rake. Shoe polish can not paint too thick, because the shoe has some volatility, painted too much, over a long period can cause chapped upper. In addition, in front of a collection of the best painted a little lard, but keeps the leather soft and moist, not easily deformed. Nappa leather sandal, use a dry cloth to wipe stains, some shoe Polish. Store suede Sandals can be used fine sandpaper on the stained area gently rubbing to keep suede erected. Step two: be prepared before mold, moisture during storage or handling, sandals must

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