Peace Aspects for 16th-17th August 2011

We do have a calm interlude this week in the shape of a harmonious triple conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Venus, who do by and large tend to get on well anyway, and meet regularly.  There is a family and familiar feeling about the joining of these three, and the first conjunction takes place on Tuesday (16th)  between the Sun and Venus, at 23 degrees Leo.  If your birthday is on or around that day, you will really benefit from these planetary meetings.  It is an excellent aspect to restore love and harmony, or if you are on holiday, to really bask in the Sun and unwind.  Focussing on love can bring about creative ideas to solve current problems, and the aspect will bring out the best in interaction and relationship. The chorus of the song from the musical Hair comes to mind for this time “Let the Sunshine In”.  All together now, “Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in…”.  Tuesday and Wednesday constitute a mini-festival with that theme song, for next on Tuesday comes a conjunction of Mercury and Venus, in the same degree of Leo.  This aspect promotes dialogue and communication, so discussion about problem-solving can be profitable on a light basis (the heavier analysis needs to come later, when morale has been restored).  Creativity can be articulated now.  In the early hours of Wednesday 17th (UK time) the Sun is conjunct with Mercury (again the same degree) and the three sides of the triangle are complete.  The focus for this aspect is crystallizing enlightened thoughtforms, inspiration coming straight from the soul, and adding it to the achievements of the other two conjunctions.  You may have something real and tangible to show for this mini-fest.  Your heart may be renewed and strengthened for future work, after the battering of last week.

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