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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 20 January 2013


Some subjects for my weekly blog are governed by an astrological imperative.  Take this week’s crisis over Algeria, and the hostage rescue mission.  This coincided with the transit of Venus to the Uranus-Pluto square.  A transit to the Uranus-Pluto square is always important, always a crisis (in personal lives too), and always shows us more about what this Uranus-Pluto square is flagging up and trying to teach.



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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 23 December 2012

Thursday 27th is the day:

Saturn sextile Pluto

This is the serious half of the week, but only in a constructive, realistic way (not in a scary way).  And make no mistake, it’s a big aspect.  Big enough to begin plans or lay foundations for major reconstruction, after the end of the end of the Mayan calendar, towards a successful 2013.  Saturn and Pluto are both…


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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 18 November 2012

Yesterday Mars went into Capricorn, preparing to come into confrontation with the Uranus-Pluto square.  When this destructive square is triggered by Mars, we tend to see violence or social unrest in some form.  It is not difficult to imagine the escalation of bombardment between Gaza and Israel resulting in a peak of violence, and this may well coincide with Mars first squaring Uranus (on Friday this week) then forming a conjunction with Pluto on Tuesday of next week (27th).  Mars…


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Peace Aspect for the week beginning 7 October 2012

Thursday’s the day…There’s a simply marvelous heavy weight helpful Trine on Thursday (11th)!  The trine is between Saturn (the material struggle) and Neptune (the spiritual heights). If you are hoping to make headway on a major project, today can bring everything together.  If Saturn going into Scorpio has revealed a challenge, this is where you get the assistance you need (earthly or heavenly).  And the nature of this trine is to bring the earthly together harmoniously with the…


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Green Peace Politics in the U.K.

The Green Party

With David Cameron sidelining Justine Greening and paving the way for a third runway at Heathrow, with the Lib Dems being almost a spent force, and the Labour Party not yet having their act together, eyes may now rest upon the Green Party and particularly focus upon their new leader Natalie Bennett.  In London, the Green Party is now the third largest party, and they are attracting more youth than the Lib…


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Jupiter trine Pluto

Tuesday, 13th March 2012

This is a hopeful opportunity, which will prove lucky for some.  Jupiter in trine relationship to Pluto equals Hope (Jupiter) plus Courage (Pluto).  If Jupiter square Pluto represented a shock of the unpleasant kind, could Jupiter trine Pluto produce a shock of the pleasant kind?

For the personal application, you will need a project, and the chances are that the Universe has already handed you one!   Connect the balancing of these two principles…


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Peace Aspects for Saturday 18 February 2012

At the end of the week on Saturday (18th) we have two helpful influences to lift us from the pressure encountered earlier in the week.  In the afternoon, Sun trines Saturn and the plans initiated at the beginning of the week can flourish – you can put your whole heart into them.  Then in the early evening Mercury sextiles Pluto and everything you’ve struggled with over the week can come together in useful and meaningful productivity – the emotional depth combining with…


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Peace Aspects for Saturday 7 January 2012

Today Saturday 7 January, Mercury sextiles Saturn, steadying the mind and providing the ability to lay down foundations for those New Year plans and resolutions.  This is later backed up by a sextile between Mercury and Neptune (the inspiration strangely coming after the plans are laid down by the solid foundations – it is as if you need the faith that provides in order to allow the dream to come forth).  There is a window around midday where Mercury is at the midpoint of the trine between…


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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 11 December 2011

The position in which Britain finds itself this Sunday morning, after Uranus turned direct and the Moon was eclipsed at the end of last week, is a matter of glee for Eurosceptics and the worst-case scenario for Pro-Europeans.  I am referring of course to David Cameron’s “stand” on Europe, leaving us potentially isolated from the rest of Europe and other major trading blocs.  I try hard to be impartial in my blog (some might say not hard enough) but at the risk of alienating half my readers,…


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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 13 November 2011

If you felt supported and buoyed up by the Universe on 11:11:11 it may be as much to do with the Kite forming in the sky (more of which later) as the numerology, which is not to detract from the beauty of the number.  It is just that the meaning of the number is still a mystery to me.  People gathered for all sorts of reasons on Friday, for the past, the present and the future.  Even the birds gathered, at the beach, where we meditated and linked with other groups around the globe.  It was a…


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Peace Aspects for 16th-17th August 2011

We do have a calm interlude this week in the shape of a harmonious triple conjunction of the Sun, Mercury and Venus, who do by and large tend to get on well anyway, and meet regularly.  There is a family and familiar feeling about the joining of these three, and the first conjunction takes place on Tuesday (16th)  between the Sun and Venus, at 23 degrees Leo.  If your birthday is on or around that day, you will really benefit from these planetary meetings.  It is an excellent aspect… Continue

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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 7 August 2011

In a conversation this week, a friend observed that many people are being hit in a particular area of their lives at the moment, and I replied that actually it’s a three-pronged multifaceted attack because the very volatile T-square of Pluto-Uranus-Mars is now upon us.  It has already started, with the natural world in the shape of a Polar Bear attacking Britons in Norway, and last night’s riots in Tottenham, London.  Vigilance is required all week, and in particular Tuesday to Thursday when… Continue

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War and Peace

This week on “Question Time” they could have debated the issue ad infinitum: whether or not Osama bin Laden should have been killed.  Watching this it seemed to me that even those who said he should not have been killed were probably not pacifists, and would not go as far as to call for every person on the planet to lay down their arms under any circumstances.  Here is my potted astrological history: George Bush Senior (warrior in past lives, with Mars on the South Node) waged the… Continue

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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 1 August 2010

from my blog today

The dramatic event of last week fell between the Jupiter in Aries (the individual, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks) square (versus) Pluto ( the Institution: United States, Defence) with Pluto also representing

the uncovering of information, and Saturn opposite Uranus 5 (The

dismantling of institutions). Saturn opposite Uranus 1 physically

removed the administration of George W. Bush…


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Jupiter square Pluto

It is difficult for the average Astrologer to extricate one square from the multiple T-square pile-up these days, but this coming Sunday’s Jupiter square Pluto seems to me to highlight light and dark, and faith

and belief in our society.

Many of us are feeling exhaustion (from the Saturn square Pluto) at the same time as high energies (from Jupiter square Pluto) pulling both ways at us now. Unlikely, but true. The focus this Sunday (25th July)

is on the rip-roaring energy of…


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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 13 June 2010

There is an emphasis on the constellation Orion this week, and particularly today. Earth civilization has had a close relationship with Orion, and it is one of the most identifiable constellations in

the sky. Spiritually, there are both positive and negative forces

involved with Orion, and therefore it is a good week to be aware of

negative forces, and how they come into your life, and what part your

own shadow plays. But also then to balance that and take advantage…


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Saturn opposite Uranus - Phase 4

If you have read the background in my blog “Saturn opposite Uranus –

Phases 1 – 3” you will see that much of the focus of the first three

phases, on the world stage at least, was in establishing Barack Obama

in his role as U.S. President. Rufus Wainwright was singing and

playing on the Andrew Marr show this morning. He first came to our

notice (well mine at least) when he played “Going to a… Continue

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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 18 April 2010

Last week was an exercise in finding your European gene. As we are

confronted with Mercury retrograde today, we struggle to make sense of

the Polish plane crash which was in the news at the start of the week

and the grounding of planes in Europe by the end of the week due to the

eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Has she spoken for

Gaia (yes), and is there any connection with the financial relations

between Iceland and the UK, given the wound sustained… Continue

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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 28 March 2010

As a card-carrying member of CND in an earlier incarnation, I was very

pleased to hear that Barack Obama announced Friday that he and Russian

President Dmitry Medvedev had agreed to nuclear cuts. The Sunday

Observer this morning is full of praise for Obama, on this and other

issues: “suddenly the rest of the enormous canvas on which the modern

US president operates seems broken with shafts of light”. Over on that

beacon of astrological rigour “Nancy’s Blog” she… Continue

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Peace Aspects for the week beginning 31 January 2010

Today sees the second phase of the Pluto-Saturn square, which occurs in the evening in the U.K. In your own life, you may be part of a group which is trying to resolve a long-standing dispute (Saturn in Libra), and today may see the group resting on its laurels, having recently made grand overtures from one side to another. You may not even be aware of the group, or the dispute, as it may be something subtly played out on psychological levels over a wide area, such as within an extended family,… Continue

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